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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

What's Wrong...

With Washington:

"This is Why the American People Have
Thrown You out of Power!"

I'm not at all expecting Republicans to turn 100% back to the American people, but they better make more than a half-hearted move in that direction. Democratic arrogance of monumental proportions was what swept them out of power in such a dramatic historical fashion. But Republicans, if they have any hope of being allowed to stick around beyond the end of their terms, had better make more than lip-service toward the wishes of the majority of voters. Obama's policies-- specifically Obamacare --are far too radical to be allowed to live much beyond his one and only term.

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The Frog in the Well

I spoke with a man today at my favorite Indian restaurant. He described his "ascension" to the American way of life as a frog in a well. He said one rarely recognizes the climes one inhabits when it is all one has ever known. It is only when one climbs out of the well of his life and sees beyond the rim of sky, that he learns to appreciate what he has attained, and from what he has come. America was an eye-opener for him. He knew things here were different, but it took coming here and spending time to really grasp the differences between living in India and living in America. I understood all too well what he meant; I've spent time in foreign countries, albeit many years ago. But I've recently come to learn there is another kind of well... the kind we can fall into.

I've never been rich, but neither have I been so poor that I feared for where I might sleep at night, or if I could keep my dog with me. I know I have a home in Panama City-- my family would take me in --but I never considered how important it was to save for a rainy day. I, like too many others, have spent the money as it came in on the 'necessities' of living in America. I never thought I could ever be homeless, but now I find myself tipping on that very edge. I am that frog... on the edge of an abyss, with the forces of economics (among other things I'll not speak of) pushing me closer to the edge and into darkness. I need money. Lots of it. Or the cart throws a wheel; the horse, its shoe, and the frog leaps free-fall into obscurity.

I still have my job, though it has never really paid enough. I still have my car, though it is twenty years old and in constant need of repair. I still have a roof over my head, though new circumstances threaten to strip even that away. I've been in the well before, though I never saw it as such and, I'm sad to say, never thought to catalog its lessons, let alone remember them. But this is new. I spent the last two decades climbing out, in pursuit of riches-- those things I thought declared loud enough that I lived above the earth (though beneath the sky) --and even they seem to have eluded me.

One man climbs out, another falls in. I could blame partisan politics for the current state of the economy (and do) but that does nothing for my present predicament-- I could blame myself and be closer to the mark, but who truly thinks such things could come to harry them back into obscurity? The economy is not getting any better, unemployment is still too high, and inflation is still right around the corner. And I may also be there soon, just around the corner... me, my dog, a guitar, and every scrap of dignity I have left in a small canvas bag.

That may seem an image worth hanging like a Rockwell, but it's frightening as hell to be the one on the other side of the lens. I don't know what's going to happen in the months ahead. But this I do know... my job will still pay me less than I need. My car will still need repairs. I will still need a place to live. My dog will still need all the love and care he currently gets from me. And if that's all I'm ever able to manage, I guess it will have to be enough. Because, to my eternal shame, I have never been good at trusting Him.

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A Simple Commonsense Answer to Disease

What’s So Special About The Hallelujah Diet?


The world’s approach to physical problems is a symptomatic approach! Rather than seeking out the cause of a physical problem, and eliminating the cause so that the symptom can go away, the world continues to treat the symptom.

The medical community has a different drug for every symptom. The problem with this approach is that the drug merely covers or masks the symptom, while never dealing with the cause. The patient never gets well. Oh, they can drug the symptom into submission and thus reduce the symptoms manifestation, but once the drug is stopped, the symptom returns.

At Hallelujah Acres we teach that the symptom is not the problem! Rather, the symptom is merely the outward manifestation of a broken down immune system or organ not functioning properly.

Rather than trying to rid the body of the symptom through the use of a drug, at Hallelujah Acres we say that if you want to get well, "stop putting into the body that which is causing the symptom."

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