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Rationalizing Infanticide?

Deadly fallacy: abortion safer than giving birth, study says
--by Joel McDurmon

Reuters reports on a recent study released by the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology which concludes that “Legal induced abortion is markedly safer than childbirth.” The abstract for the article continues,
The risk of death associated with childbirth is approximately 14 times higher than that with abortion. Similarly, the overall morbidity associated with childbirth exceeds that with abortion.
The fallacy here is obvious, devious, and downright deadly: the study ignores the safety and death of the unborn child, and only considers the medical aspects of the mother. Pro-life websites have jumped on the heartless indifference of the study:
The study obviously concentrates solely on the medical risks for the mother, since an abortion always destroys the unborn child. So the study is based on a faulty premise, comparing two medical procedures that have different goals. In an abortion, one life is deliberately sacrificed. In childbirth, medical personnel do their utmost to preserve two healthy lives. It is not surprising that the latter operation is more challenging.
Accepting all of the real-life facts, of course, would lead any such study to conclude that abortion is “markedly” deadlier than child birth by a factor of hundreds of millions.

The liberal media does its best to abet the cold negligence of [this] murderous institution....

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Here's another fact, or inconvenient truth:
Only half of the patients that enter an abortion clinic
come out alive...

Which makes abortion deadlier than childbirth.

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Definitely a Pearl

Here is a video posted on You Tube less than two weeks ago, which has already garnered more than 16 million views. It's powerful, and it's definitely a pearl.

Here's a link to the poem [pdf]

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Welcome to 2012

That's the good news!

Now for the bad (or not, depending on your perspective).

There are events happening in the world that don't care about dates or new years; they're oblivious to the landmarks we, with hearts and minds to do so, set for ourselves. It has always been this way. But events are guided by a hand larger than our own. Whether you believe it or not, I do.

I received an article in email last week that has opened my eyes a bit. Not because I didn't see the events it speaks of, but because I didn't make certain connections regarding their import in terms of where we are on God's timeline. The article itself can be found here: What You Can Expect in 2012.

Prophecy has always fascinated me-- I have occasional bouts of doubt, but I am an ardent believer in what the bible has to say about 'things to come;' or eschatology, nonetheless-- it is natural to doubt, but faith is greater than doubt. The linked article by Gary Kah has managed to wake me up, so to speak... I knew intellectually what was happening in the world, but it was like I had been lulled by the cacophony of growing waves of world and national events, so much so that I was missing their deeper meaning meaning... God is still in the process of guiding this raft to shore.

I'm not going to post the article in full, here, as it is too long., I will, however, respond to each of its four sections.

Two, perhaps three years ago, I said (on another blog) that Europe was destined to grow in prominence and America must decline. Nothing since then and now has change my opinion. My assertion that the Euro would continue to strengthen and the dollar continue to fall, however, must be modified. In light of Europe's current troubles, it remains to be seen whether or not the Euro will actually survive; to say nothing of the Eurozone itself. America WILL continue to decline, and Europe WILL continue to grow, but again, it remains to be seen what form Europe will settle into-- when the dust settles, what will European Union look like? The countries within the EU aren't going away, and, according to bible prophecy, there is a union, in some form or other-- Daniel calls it a 'kingdom,' although 'empire' would be better (Daniel 2:31-44) --in existence during this time in history.

America, as well, is not mentioned anywhere in prophecy by name or allegoric reference; we are, however, included in Revelation 14:14,16, 19:19. America, with every other nation on the earth, toward the end of the Great Tribulation will be drawn (gathered) to Israel to make war against Jerusalem. However, it is an America wholly without God.

America is still destined to decline. How that comes about I cannot say. Perhaps Obama is president because God wants him there-- perhaps Obama loses in November and the next president is there by God's will; it doesn't really matter who's in charge as either man will be there because God wants him there. Europe is still destined to grow in stature and prominence, but again, how that comes about I cannot say. but there are signs... events... building and growing in number that hint at the 'how,' but, more importantly, warn us that time is short. How much time is left? Only God knows for certain, but Jesus did tell us that we could know when it was near, even at the door... (Matthew 24:33)

I'll begin my take on 'What to Expect in 2012' beginning with the next post.

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