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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

Sometime the Best Idea is an Old Idea...

So it really is true. Hollywood/Network Television is soooo out of new ideas that they have to resort to dredging up the past in order to draw and entertain viewers. It's true, I finally believe it.

Just this morning while scanning through Xfinity for available TV shows to watch, I stumbled upon Full Metal Jousting. Seriously. Real, honest-to-goodness jousting, with all the blood and danger inherent to what the History Channel is billing as the worlds most dangerous sport. The first episode itself is titled "The Ultimate Extreme sport".

Jousting, for crying out loud!  This is one 'remake' I can actually get into! So, sometimes the best idea really is an old idea. But what's next on the entertainment horizon? 

Watch full episodes here:    Full Metal Jousting

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"To dress and keep it..."

I've been known in the past to question the validity of species conservation at the expense of everyday people who wish only to utilize their land. Conservation is all well and good, but there is so much unused land in the world I question the motives of groups like the EPA, specifically, and PETA. But that's not to say I find fault will all such groups. Greenpeace, I feel, has the right of it in their fight against whaling. Even concerns about over-fishing and environmental conditions that lead to so-called 'dead-zones' have merit-- to me, at least.

So what can I say about Harry the pygmy hippo? Adorable... and the latest edition to a critically endangered species. I wonder sometimes whether we tend to care more for our own wants and needs, that the needs of others often dwindle in importance.

God gave Adam the garden to 'dress it and to keep it', or to cultivate and guard it. I believe we should, where and whenever possible, weigh the needs of the animal kingdom when deciding our progress forward. Are we enlarged or diminished by the loss a species in a given area? The answer is obvious when talking about extinction: we are diminished. But habitat is important. And there's nothing to say that some species can't be relocated. We do it everyday.

Still, some species cannot be moved. And it is then that we must consider ways in which to live with them, rather than force their extinction merely for our convenience. 

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