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...or against it?

Enforcement Sans Responsibility

I hate the IRS. I'd like to think it a necessary evil, but I can't reconcile the word 'necessary' with the word 'evil'; they simply push against my sensibilities like two magnetic norths. It's repellant to me that our tax code is so complex that I am forced to pay someone, or some service to do my taxes for me. You'd think that the local IRS office would be in the business of helping people file their taxes, but their idea of help doesn't wander any further than the answering of ill-informed questions... how does one ask the right questions without a basic grasp of American tax code? Nancy Pelosi couldn't even tell us what was in the Obamacare bill without it first being passed into law, and we all see how that has turned out.

So it's a scheme. The IRS forces everyone to pay taxes, but it takes no responsibility for educating or guiding anyone through the actually process of filing. Which has become typical of modern American governance.

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