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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

Can anyone honestly say to one's neighbor...

..."I am righteous" ?

My answer to this is 'Yes'...

And 'No'.

Unless our righteousness exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees we will not see heaven. Simple statement of truth. What hope within our own ability is there of seeing heaven? None.

This is all my hope and peace,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
This is all my righteousness,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Looking at the Ark of the Covenant: Within the box rested the tablets of the Law, among other things. Placed over the law was a lid; a covering-- or 'mercy seat' --of beaten gold (Gold represents kingship and diety. The fact that the covering is of beaten gold respresents His chastisment for our sin).

Atop the mercy seat were to Cherubims facing each other with wings stretching to meet in the middle, above and between the wings of the Cherubims rested the physical manifestation of God, the Shekinah Glory. Once a year the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies and sprinkle blood upon the mercy seat for the remission of sins for the entire house of Israel.

We are, each of us, doomed by the Law. Without forgiveness the Law both judges and condemns us all. But when God looks down upon us he doesn't see the Law, He sees His beaten and bloodied son. He sees His son's righteousness imputed to us; covering our sin. If we are truly saved, then our Lord's righteousness is imputed to us... it is our righteousness. We have cast off the old filthy rags we came home in, and accepted the bright clean robes our Father lovingly laid upon our shoulders. He has placed a ring upon our finger, and has ordered the fatted calf be killed in preparation for a feast. For His son who was dead and in the world, has come home and is alive.

Do we still dishonor our Father? Daily. And often. But we have Him to thank that His gifts to us are without repentance, and our sins are covered by His own blood.

If we revel in our own righteousness; claiming we are so because of the work of our own mind and hands we fall into error, and self-righteouness-- Idolatry. Claiming the gift God has given us through His son, in humility, seeking to do His will out of love, that is Godly righteousness. For without it, no one can enter into heaven.

We are made righteous in Him; Not for anything we have done, but for everything He has done. The Christian DOES have righteousness that far exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees. It is not his own, but the gift of his Lord... His wedding garments, purchased for him by the Bridegroom, and his entrance into the feast to come. He should be proud of it, as a bride would be of her husbands gift; not because she deserved it, but because her husband thought well enough of her to offer it freely as a gift.

It is good that we should know who we are in relation to God the Father, and Jesus Christ; cognizant of the fact that without Him we are doomed, thankful for gifts He has and will bestow upon us, and proudly serve him and claim His gifts as our own. He has given us His full armor and a very sharp sword, we should proudly wear in humility; grateful for the knowledge that His righteousness bestowed upon us grants us entrance into heaven, and greater gifts to come.

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