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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

My Name is Jude ..:Chapter Two:..

It has taken just under two weeks to commit the Book of Jude to memory. But that's just memory. If you asked me to recite verse 18, I couldn't do it. So I picked up a couple packs of 3X5 index cards this evening so I can make flash cards to associate the verse numbers with their respective verses. After that's down, I'll begin to digest the whole thing by breaking each verse down grammatically to understand what relates to what; structurally speaking, and ultimately find relevant meaning, and eventually understanding. In this manner I hope to learn the Book of Jude rather than simply memorize it.

I figure...

1) Another two weeks to associate numbers to verses
2) Two more weeks to break it down grammatically
3) And a month or more, more, to understand it enough
     to have hidden the Book in my heart

Ten years ago I had the seventh chapter of Matthew memorized, but I didn't go the lengths to which I'm now going. With e-Sword I have the option of having whichever passages I choose pop up in a memory verse window at startup-- 20 minutes once a week will maintain the work I've done. I haven't decided where I'll go next. Perhaps 2nd or 3rd John-- If I can get those two perhaps 1 John won't seem so daunting, OR, I could go back and pick up Matthew 7 again, perhaps even 5 and 6 as well.

But who's to say what we'll do tomorrow when only tomorrow knows what tomorrow has in store... I could be gone tomorrow.


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