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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

Questions to Consider

There was a definite cockiness that Democrats felt once they regained control of Congress, and I’ve felt it was a misplaced cockiness."

--John Zogby, pollster

I don’t think you see leads in presidential races over five points in this day and age. [Obama has] averaged leads of three points since spring. The key is that Obama hasn’t closed the sale.

"The question is, Does Obama ever close the sale?"

--Charlie Cook, political analyst

And that's a question likely plaguing many on the Left. Someone said on a previous post that he would happily trade "Obama's supposed lack of experience for the type of experience... McCain has," and were Obama running for dog-robber I might agree, but we're talking about the President of the United States of America... a position that requires some measure of experience, of which Obama has none worth mentioning. This someone would foolishly trade decades of experience and military service for an untried horse. For, aside from writing a few books, Obama has accomplished nothing of note. Nothing.

Although, to be fair, it is at least note-worthy that while a senator of the Illinois senate the Born Alive Infant Protection Act was introduced three times during Obama's tenure and he voted against it every time. That truly says something.

But here we have a man who claims to be a Christian and yet cannot see the value of a child, the victim of an abortion, nonetheless born alive that doctors should be required to do all they can to save the child's life. How heinous and hideous is both the mindset and culture that sees nothing innately wrong in this. But Barack Obama, the object of worship by many on the left, sees nothing innately wrong with it. A Christian who sees nothing wrong, firstly, with abortion, and secondly, with allowing survivors of the procedure to simply die.

If this alone were the only reason to discount both his Christianity and his fitness for command that would be one thing. The truth is, however, that it is not. And because it is not I can't help but wonder at those of his supporters who claim the faith of Christ. What would Jesus do? Would He condone abortion? Would He not demand aid be given to children who survive the hideous practice? Would He accept a man's claim to faith who sat twenty years unmoving under the tutelage of a racist? Would He not call into question the wisdom of such a man who associated with unrepentant terrorists? Would He call faultless a man who himself uses the "race card" to deflect any and all criticism leveled against his candidacy?

In order for Obama to win by a landslide, as some here have crowed, Obama must win by 10 or more points--technically speaking. Yet Obama has averaged no more than 3 since spring. The question has been asked over and over, "why can't Obama close the deal? why isn't he running away with this election?" Perhaps because his candidacy is all Pomp and no Circumstance.

At least none worth mentioning.

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On August 17, 2008 at 6:42 PM, Anonymous BenT - the Unbeliever said...

1. Harris Interactive 8/1-7/08 McCain-38 Obama-47

2. Research 2000 7/25-27/08 McCain-39 Obama-51

3. Quinnipiac 7/8-13/08 McCain-41 Obama-50

4. Harris Interactive 7/3-11/08 McCain-35 Obama-44

5. Newsweek 6/18-19/08 McCain-36 Obama-51

Poll numbers go up and down. But Obama has routinely been ahead of John McCain. At times 9-10 points ahead.

"On “Meet the Press,” McCain said he had “come to the conclusion that the exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother are legitimate exceptions” to an outright ban on abortions. “I don’t claim to be a theologian, but I have my moral beliefs.” If Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortion outlawed, McCain said he believes doctors who performed abortions would be prosecuted. “But I would not prosecute a woman” who obtained an abortion.
Source: Boston Globe, p. A9 Jan 31, 2000

If your moral Christian values guide your political thought on this decision, why aren't you ladling any of this vinegar on the Republican presidential candidate?

On August 17, 2008 at 11:02 PM, Blogger ELAshley said...

To your vinegar query, John McCain will appoint strict constructionists to the courts. Roe v. Wade could in my lifetime be overturned because of a McCain presidency.

Read How McCain Won Saddleback, for a contrast between the two. McCain simply has more substance and more honesty than Barack. And that's saying a lot considering how must distrust of McCain still lingers out there. Barack's depth of experience and integrity is less than three inches deep.


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