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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

This Is Going to Sound Insensitive to Some

Captured from the Drudge Report a couple days ago...

Here is a young man, new to the world of professional football. And he's admittedly Christian. Like Tebow. Is his stand as a Christian the reason for all the nastiness being thrown his way? Few, if anyone, are going to come out and admit that such is the case, and I can't say definitively that it IS the case. All I can speak to is what I see, and what I believe.

What I see is a cancer that has metastasized in the bones and deep tissue of our nations soul... a spiritual vacuum. Many will deny that it exists, but that doesn't change the fact--the FACT--that there is a growing disdain (to put it mildly), and a growing hostility for anything and anyone that "pushes" a belief that calls for a separated life; that asks its followers to live holy and separated lives unto God. The accusation is, invariably, that such people are hypocrites because so many of "them" commit sin. But here's the rub. It is impossible to NOT commit sin, and especially for Christians, because they are under far greater spiritual pressure AND attack than are the unsaved. After all, what need do the forces of evil have, truly, of attacking the unsaved? They are already dead-- spiritually speaking. Those who attack Christians for being "holier than thou" and "hypocrites" only demonstrate their ignorance in matters of grace. Those who attack Christians are actually trying to extinguish any light that may shine upon their own lives.

So, the lost have the temerity to mock, decry and defame anyone of, or anything proposed by faith in God, yet they call out to God in grief (as they rightly should) when a young man enters a school and murders twenty-six living souls. They call out to God on the one hand...

...but live as though he doesn't exist on the other.

Jesus said to the religious hypocrites of his day, paraphrasing... 'you claim that had you lived in the time of the prophets you would not have been partakers in their murders; but you proudly claim descent from those same men who murdered the prophets, and even now plot to kill me!' In other words, you play at righteousness by putting on an outward robe, but do nothing in your heart, let alone your consistent actions, to demonstrate there is any validity in your outward claim.

Jesus, then, said, "You who murdered the prophets...," but he could just as easily say today, "you who slaughter the innocent... tens of millions of them and still counting!"

Not a single one of those slain Sandy Hook children are in hell. I know that's small comfort to anyone with a heart, and especially the victim's families. I know it sounds insensitive, but I can't worry about that right now. There's a reason I'm writing this, and that is to point out something most of you have missed. This nation has spent the last several decades pushing God away, especially from our schools. Is it then any wonder that someone, some twenty year old young man, felt the need to walk into a school and murder children?

No... not a single one of those children are absent from the presence of God. That cannot, however, be said of a certainty of any of the adults who also died, even those who shielded the children with their bodies. Jesus said 'wide is the road to destruction, but narrow is the path to salvation, and few there are that find it.' It is my sincerest hope that not a single adult died without Christ, but...

When entire generations grow up within a godless system of education, what can we expect but godlessness? Many are questioning God's love because of what has happened, but few if any are questioning themselves. Take God out of the equation and something will, invariably, fill the vacuum. If we don't train our children up to fear and reverence God, they will grow up to be empty, and eventually bitter. They will look to find something to fill the void. For a few, when that search leaves them emptier still, they will resort to the unthinkable.

We mock those who fear God. And when we deny our children the right to carry Him with them to school, Sandy Hook Elementary is the result. In response to Sandy Hook America won't think to institute a bible reading program into the nation's school curricula. Instead, this nation will seek to deny firearms to its people. It was the gun which killed all those innocent people at Sandy Hook, not the shooter. Instead of teaching our children to fish, we're blindly lashing out and simply giving them a fish to eat... taking away the gun. We haven't taught them how to cope with the hopelessness that is living in a godless vacuum... we haven't taught them how to fish.

We claim to be Christian, but we don't do anything 'Christiany'. We drink, we smoke, we "sleep" around, we steal, we lie, and we kill. We allow abortion to continue unabated for decades. We allow just about every immoral penchant imaginable into our eyes, ears, hearts, minds, and homes. Then we get up on Sunday morning, put on church clothes, listen to the pastor preach for approximately twenty minutes, and think ourselves good Christians for sacrificing our Sunday mornings for the appearance of Godliness. In other words, we white-wash the sepulchers of our bodies without bothering to clean out the dead and rot contained therein.

Men who claim to be holy-- who choose to acknowledge God publicly --are ridiculed and discounted, while others who merely pretend at holiness, hold themselves up as paragons of virtue... all the while standing up for nothing but political parties, and the socials mores they defend.

To fix what is wrong with America would require teaching our students love and reverence God. The students have the ultimate say, of course, as to whether they want God or not, but they need to have a moral compass implanted into their hearts, or at the very least have some directions installed in their minds. Because what we saw at Sandy Hook can be traced directly to a lack of faith in the classroom. It can be traced all the way back to when prayer and the Bible were removed from the classroom.

As Jeremiah Wright was one heard to have said... "America's chickens have come home to roost."

And God help us all.

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On January 6, 2013 at 3:40 AM, Blogger Marshall Art said...

"Those who attack Christians are actually trying to extinguish any light that may shine upon their own lives."

I've felt for some time that those who attack Christians do so because the mere mention of God is like seeing themselves for the sinners they know they are. "God" is a reminder of this and they desperately prefer not to have to think about it. Mentioning His name makes that really hard.

But as you suggest, to refuse to mention Him, to attempt to live peaceful lives without Him has left a void that has not been filled with anything that provides a reason to give a flying rat's behind about life and how best to live it. Some suggest they can do as well without ever acknowledging a Supreme Being, but I think our culture is at a point now where it is clear that is not true.


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