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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?


Prep: 25 Min.; Chill: 1 Hour; Bake: 12 Min. per Sheet; Cool: 30 Min.; Yield: Aprox. 4 doz.

1 cup Brown Sugar
3/4 cup Shortening/Butter
1/4 cup Molasses
1 egg
2 1/4 cups all-Purpose Flour
2 tsps Baking Soda
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 tsp Ground Ginger
1/2 tsp Ground Cloves
1/4 tsp salt
Granulated Sugar

Beat brown sugar, shortening/butter, molasses, and egg in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed, or mix with spoon. Stir in remaining ingredients except granulated sugar. Cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour. Heat oven to 375. Lightly grease cookie sheet.

Shape dough by rounded teaspoonfuls into balls; dip tops into granulated sugar. Place balls, sugared sides up, about 3 inches apart on cookie sheet.

Bake 9 to 12 minutes or just until set. Remove from cookie sheet to wire rack; cool completely.

1 Cookie: Calories 80 (Calories from Fat 25); Fat 3g (Saturated 1g); Cholesterol 5mg; Sodium 70 mg; Carbohydrate 12g (Dietary Fiber 0g); Protein 1g
Diet Exchange: 1 Starch

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In Regard to Tracy Moak: The Real Thief

Who is the thief? The one who hires someone to attempt an act of theft at a specific persons register who succeeds in the attempt, or the woman operating the register who doesn't catch the paid thief at the point of sale?

This is the standard practice of Tracy Moak, General Manager over Michaels Art's & Crafts in Dothan, Alabama. Anyone she doesn't like, or outright hates, she sets up for a fall via her preferred method [as described above]. The employee/victim is then forced to endure a humiliating interrogation by the company's so-called "Loss-Prevention" goon via telephone, who demands to know what and how much has been stolen by said employee/victim over their term of employment. He claims to have been "trained to do this," which can only mean it's standard procedure for Michaels as well.

In the most recent case of baiting by Ms. Moak and her corporate goon, the victim in question -- one C. Conley -- admitted nothing during her interrogation, and in outrage hung up on the corporate goon and quit. On payday she was informed by Ms. Moak that in order to receive her paycheck she must sign a form declaring her acknowledgement of a debt to the company in excess of $200 for a theft she neither committed, nor acknowledged. Ms. Conley refused to sign the document, and rightly so. After repeated attempts to collect what was rightfully hers, the check [According to Ms. Moak, which could be yet another lie] was sent back to home office where it will likely languish and never reach the hand of it's rightful owner, namely, Ms. Conley. After all, what average low-waged employee can afford the time and money to fight an employer in court? Especially one as petty and vindictive as Ms Moak.

So again, just who is the thief? Without a doubt it is Tracy Moak and her accomplice at the Home Office. It was a setup designed from the very beginning to hurt Ms. Conley, defraud her of money, and tarnish her reputation. On top of that Ms. Moak has the nerve to tell customers who ask about Ms. Conley that she has moved away to Maryland. Huh? What's the purpose in that? Can't Ms. Moak tell the simple truth? Why lie, unless it's to hide what she had done to Ms. Conley? Everyone who enters Michaels will eventually enter Ms. Conley's new place of employment [a popular retail chain] and see for themselves that the manager at Michaels is, at the very least, a LIAR.

The proof, you ask? In a court of law the burden of proof is on the Plaintiff, i.e.; Ms. Moak, and Michaels. If there were proof of Ms. Conley stealing [especially an amount in excess of $200 that they hope to recover/steal from Ms. Conley], why didn't Ms. Moak call the police and press charges right then and there? Any other reputable company would have. The answer is simple. There was no proof. Ms. Conley wasn't complicit in the theft accomplished by Ms. Moak, & therefore Michaels, hired gun.

As stated earlier in this report, this is a tactic preferred by Ms. Moak, and obviously Michaels Arts & Crafts, to rid themselves of so-called "undesirables". This tactic was used against one Sharon Levrette[sp?] several years back, so it's not something new. Furthermore, if Ms. Conley was "undesirable" why was she given a very good evaluation just days before along with a pay raise? Just more cruel spite primarily on Ms. Moak's part.


Anyone interested in working at Michaels Arts & Crafts should think twice. I hear there's a Hobby Lobby coming to Dothan. Perhaps they will be the nail in Ms. Moak's coffin. As for your Arts & Crafts needs, there's a Hobby Lobby in Montgomery, just a short drive up Hwy 231. Your money is better spent there.

Want to express your outrage? Click here and express said outrage via email. Better yet, go to Hobby Lobby. It's worth the drive for better service, better selection, and a better class of people.

Oh, does the home office care that Ms. Moak routinely makes her cashiers ring up her purchases at 90% off? Isn't that stealing?


[With no axe to grind except wanting justice for a friend]

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"Pitch Gives Light to Glimmers"

Part 7 of 8 of "Dogs Day" by Me

It comes ~ it comes!
The labor of hope
Whence glimmers of light
Down the long corridor
Spark like embers rising
From the ash of our burning
Birthed from pain and
Brought again to life alone
The world has not changed
But I certainly have
The leash is slipped
And I have run

It comes ~ it comes!
Glimmers bright
Like the midnight sun
On frost
Caught in the fur of a dead seal
And the seal now shattered
Its water broke
New eyes upon an old world
Looking upon a world ever changing
Where I have not
Yet the leash is slipped
And I must run


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A Mumble, By Any Other Name... No. 1

"We dared him to make us tuck in our shirtses, Precious, yes, we did. Now he makes us sit on the jury! Cruel, cruel judge! We hates him, yes we do, Precious!"

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Jury Duty in Houston County, AL

Best described by the oxymoron... "Organized Chaos"

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Tom Cruise on Our Society's Drug Dependence

"Cruise kicked off a debate over a subject that a lot of people don't feel comfortable discussing: whether Americans are too quick to turn to prescription drugs and whether their doctors are too quick to prescribe them. Cruise zeroed in on "drugging children" with Ritalin,..."

I couldn't agree more, irrespective of our complete 180 in regard to "Scientology." [so says I]

"[Cruise] was talking about – or rather trying to talk about – our society's increasing dependence on mind-altering and mood-altering drugs. And at no point in the interview did he even attribute those views to his religion.

"Do you suppose it's possible for an entire profession – in this case, the news media – to suffer from attention deficit disorder? The problem is that Tom Cruise raised a serious issue, one that deserves serious attention."

Excerpts from the article: "It's not the celebrity, it's the subject"
by Rubin Navarrette Jr., for the San Diego Union-Tribune, June 29, 2005

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Great is the Most High God

Great is the most high God
Glory to the God of Abraham
The God of Isaac
The God of Jacob
The God of Israel
Beautiful is our God
The architect of our salvation
Whose cornerstone, our Lord Jesus Christ,
Was laid upon the cross
Pierced for our transgressions
Made to suffer and die for our sin
And who rose from the dead
Not because he was called
-- Like Lazarus
But because He could
The power to lay down his life was in Him
As was the power to take it up again
Restored to His former Glory
The proof of His love toward us in His hands
In His feet
In His side
On His back, His brow
In His mercy
In His sinless flesh
Sacrified for us
Glorified because he was worthy
His body, the very image of what we
-- Who believe on Him, are to become

Thank you, Oh Lord
Though we were unworthy
You gave us forgiveness
Through the power of your blood
Though there was no remedy in us
To wash away the stain of our sin
You gave us Hope
Through the power of your blood
Though we yet dwell in imperfect flesh
You sustain us
Through the power of your blood

Great is our King
Worthy is the Lamb
Mighty is the sword of His word
That sunders the souls of the wicked
Driving them out from their sin
And drawing them to life in Him,
And through Him,
To righteousness

We are His
And he is our God
Praise and Glory to God in the Highest
Glory to the Father
Glory to the Son
Glory to the Holy Ghost
So sing all who love thee

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Light Is My Mantle

Lord, I am in a dark place
I cannot tell where the room ends
And the world begins; whether the walls are close
Or far apart. All is dark,
There is no candle lit
To push back the shadow
and fear has crept into my heart

In the day when all was light
Fear fled like shadows;
There was no place found for them to rest
For no shadow can live if light and love
Are manifest

I long for the day
And I long for the end of fear, and
The assurance of perfect
Light and Love
No shadow dwells in your love, Lord
Thou art altogether perfect
It is thee I long for

If you are everywhere, Lord
Then with every step I take
Throughout the wide world
I would find it impossible to escape
The center of your love
Even in shadow you are there
For light and dark have no fellowship
One with the other
Despite the darkness I perceive about me
Yet am I surrounded by light
And fear has no purchase
My heart is free
For you, my God, are with me
And light is my mantle
The gift of your mercy and grace
Through the shedding of your blood
Light is my mantle
And I need not fear the shadow

E.L. Ashley

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On the Tube...

A post from a previous incarnation of this blog...
Original post date: Friday, October 01, 2004

Okay, I work at a Television station so, of a necessity, and to a larger degree pure enjoyment, I watch a lot of television. A lot of what I watch I willingly admit offers little to the enrichment of my soul, but so what, I enjoy it, and in the final analysis, I am still human; subject to boredom and often in need of stimulation however lacking in substance.... But then even the most puerile offerings can, and often do, present a smidgen of relevance, or [to use the latest term] provide useful "memes."

Having said all that... What's up with Cameron Diaz? On Oprah the other day, she and Ms Barrymore appeared trying to "get out the vote," and for some reason Ms Diaz thinks if people [and women in particular] don't vote that rape -- yes I said "Rape" -- will somehow become legal.


Okay, she's not yet thirty... Or is she? And if she is thirty-ish, she's had plenty of time to develop some sense... Some common sense. To put it all in context, here's what she actually said...

"We have a voice now, and we're not using it, and women have so much to lose. I mean, we could lose the right to our bodies...If you think that rape should be legal, then don't vote. But if you think that you have a right to your body, and you have a right to say what happens to you and fight off that danger of losing that, then you should vote..."

Again, ?!? I know this is a free republic [America is NOT a democracy, by the way], giving every citizen the right to say what they want ["the right to swing my fist ends where the other mans nose begins"], but some folks should really consider, well, letting someone else take the podium.


Joan of Arcadia -- [Alas, now cancelled]
When this show first aired on our network last year I thought, oh no, another "Touched by an Angel" devoid of any real substance. But I was proved wrong each and every episode. Granted, just like TbaA, no mention of Jesus and Salvation is mentioned, but something else, equally important emerges with each airing... Our actions have consequences, for good and ill, and how we live, and the things we choose are extremely important. What is truly unique about the show is that it gives us a God who cares enough to personally show, teach, and instruct, pointing out, as I said, the importance of what we choose to fill the hours of our every waking moment.

Touched showed none of this, choosing instead to deal with the final result of an individuals long years, weeks, or days of turmoil, to impart the "you are special and God loves you" line.
This of course is true, but I always felt empty after the so called "revelation." The only thing ever revealed was the fact of God's love, that He wants more for us, wants to ease our pain, as if knowledge alone could impart a belief that God truly cares about our well-being.

Looking on God as a loving father, which is better? A father who only dusts off our knees, and soothes our tears when we fall, or a father who is there with us, playing with us, there to guide and teach and ask us to choose better for ourselves, hoping we come away wiser? In terms of the question, I'll take the latter every time.


"Lost" on ABC
My newest and biggest guilty pleasure is an offer from a rival network, and quite a gem. WOW!!! It's sharp, intelligent and has that X-File-ish edge that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. This one's definitely a watcher.

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Prayer of Humbleness

When it entered my mind to write this verse,
Was it the chill night air that shivered deep throughout my being?
Or was it you, Lord?
Was it your voice whispering; telling me to write?
Or was it a trick of air over skin?
Truthfully, there is nothing lost either way.
Praises offered to thee are always welcomed; Even my rough poetry,
Be they offered with a true heart,
A searching heart,
A human heart in need of thee, Oh, Lord;
Wishing to please You,
Wishing to give You what is in my power to give,
For the gift You have given me.

I am a sinner, Lord --
Unworthy of You,
But loved by you nonetheless.
Not for any righteousness I possess
--Of which there is none.
There is truly nothing great about me
That you, my Lord, should want me.
Were it not for thy blood, thy son
Thy mercy, thy loving-kindness,
I could never hope to dwell in thy house.
Were it not for the work you performed on Calvary
I would yet be a slave to my sin.
Were it not for the blood of Jesus
I would yet be dead in spirit.
Were it not for His Glorious resurrection
I would have no hope of eternity;
In your house,
In your light,
In your love,
Of adding my voice to a choir of praise
--Millions strong,
Before your throne;
Our crowns at your feet.

I am a sinner yet, Lord
For though you have saved me
Through Jesus, His blood, His sacrifice in my stead.
For though you have resurrected my spirit
From death unto Life everlasting,
I am still but flesh
Weak, tempted daily, and doomed to fail
However hard I try.
It is but by your Grace that I find favor,
That forgiveness is given me
Through Christ Jesus
My Lord, and Savior
In whom I am made righteous
And a joint heir in heaven;
His adopted brother.
He is my King, my groom,
And the lover of my soul.

I am a sinner, Lord,
And humbly I pray,
Make me worthy
Of the great gift you have bestowed upon me.
Guide my every step
That I might walk in the way everlasting.
Loose my tongue
That I might praise you openly,
Fearing no man,
But drawing the lost to salvation
That search for you still
--Though they know it not.
Let me show them
It is for You they search

Every heart searches, Lord
Till you find it.
Every heart aches for you, Lord
Till you enter in.
Every knee shall bow,
And every tongue confess
That your son Jesus is Lord.
Let my witness be a blessing to you.
Let your word, through me,
Bring Glory to your name.
May I bear much fruit,
And on that day hear you reward me with
Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

This is the legacy I would leave, Lord,
Should you tarry, and my body return to dust.
I would carry this with me into thy presence.
Teach me how to walk this path.
Show me where to step,
For I can do nothing without you.

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On Reparations Toward Civility & Cordiality

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Minerals ~ 1 phase of diabetes cure

"Maximum Advantage" colloidal minerals / comparable to the American Longevity product promoted by that "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie" Guy, Dr. Joel Wallach. Google a price when time permits.

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Snippets Short & Sweet, No.'s 4 & 5

There were several entrances to the gardens, each one a wide spill of steps twenty meters wide. From the center of the piazza the north entrance began and it was here Etienne had been asked to wait. How were they to walk the gardens together yet not see each other? Angelina no doubt knew, else she would never have asked him to walk with her.
It was two hours before sunset. The paths were free of sunlight, but the heat of the day still moved drowsily through the canals.

* * *

I lay on my bed
Wet & naked
And dreaming of you
I hear your whisper
- A ghost in my ear
My body's aches

Exhaustion lays hard
Upon eyelids weak, and
Your whisper grows

Now deep in dreams,
I feel your hands
Smooth on my wet skin
Easing the days cares
Soothing tensioned cables
Tight in my limbs
And back
And tightening others

I am wet
And stretched upon my bed
Wishing you were the same

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Story Idea

Short Story:

Barbarians carry one of their dead from the battle field and commence to toast his life and deeds. Focus on the behavior of the living with the corpse of their friend.

1. He is carried from the field, where he was slain, to the lodge on a      bier of fir & jute
2. He is et on the board in the place of honor.
3. The chieftains and veterans are called to assemble.
4. He is fed drink, food, the kiss of virgin.
5. All the gathered proceed to get wasted on Mead & beer while telling      stories of the dead mans deeds.

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Goals for July

1. Have Jonathan teach me the procedures for Chroma Key;
     that seems to be the most technical aspect of the News.
     Endeavor to keep this "Turn of Focus" out of Ben's periphery.
2. Worry about the mortgage first and foremost, the Taxman can wait.
     a) so can the Dr.'s
3. Diabetes Cure!!! Not just management. You can save yourself a lot      of cash if you'll just get serious about it. I'm tired of sticking my      damn fingers. And don't tell me there's no cure, that's bullsh*t,      and you know it! There's a cure for everything.

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"...Come Monday I'll be..."

...Performing Jury Duty, 8am:

1. Set alarm for 6:30 (especially alarming should this become a trend)
2. Iron shirt, press pants
3. Dare the judge to "...force us to tuck in our shirtses, Precious"
4. Park at WTVY and walk. Get there by 7:45 latest
5. Prepare to be bored whilst performing our civic duty, Precious...


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Snippet Short & Sweet, No. 3

She paints her eyes
A deep black kohl
As if to dim a
Star-bright soul
The light of
Veiled beneath her
Night-dark burka...

For being what she is


And hid behind eyes painted deep black kohl

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Yet Another Outline: "The Dance"

I Life & Struggle Without the Dance
     a] The Seeming Lack of Appeal for What Lies Beyond the Door, i.e.;
           1. Joy (after all, how can one be better than the other?)
           2. Love
           3. Joy
           4. Contentment


II Life & Joy Within the Dance
     a] Adjusting to New Environment
     b] Welcomes & Learning the Ropes
     c] Involvement, i.e.; Active Participation
     d] Consummation of New Love
           1. Partaking of "True" Love
           2. and "True" Joy

III Comparisons Between
     a] Pre-Doorway & Post-Doorway in Regard to
           1. Peace
           2. Love
           3. Joy
           4. Contentment

IV "And if These be Nigh Unto Perfection What of...
     a] ...the Peace, Love, Joy and Contentment Still to Come?

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Snippets Short & Sweet, No.'s 1 & 2

We worked the hot and sullen fields
to gather in our meager yields
And dreamt of mercies labor won
That pressed the lie to setting sun

Let's light a candle
Turn out the light
Say goodbye to artificiality
For just one night

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Thoughts on the Actions of One Tracy Moak

It's amazing how far-reaching the damage can be from a single act of spite born of insecurity and hatred. And while difficult times now lay ahead, it is equally comforting to know that circumstances always seem to balance themselves out, and that those who stir such Winds of Spite always get their just reward... Always.

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Hope is Like a Lighthouse Keeper's Beam...

No plans could be conceived
No ships could fare the seas
For there would be no courage were it not for Hope
     All is lost if one abandons Hope

Snippets from a song entitled "Hope"
Final track of an album by the same name --

"Hope" by Klaatu

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'05 Must See Summer Movie List

"Revenge of the Sith"
Satisfying film, but watched more out of an obligation to see the whole thing finished rather than any serious desire...

"Batman Begins"
Extremely satisfying view. This is the way Batman should have been from the beginning [no pun intended]....

"War of the Worlds"
Pithy Review to Follow... UPDATE: July 2, 2005
Fantastic Movie! Cruise's Character not particularly likeable, initially-- a good thing. Special Effects were 1st rate[but then it's Steven Spielberg, right?], and the story... except for an update for modern times and appliances, it's about as accurate to the book as one can get considering the afore-mentioned "update for modern times..." worth seeing a second time, and definately on my DVD purchase list.

"Fantastic Four"
Pithy Review to Follow... UPDATE: July 16, 2005
Cool Effects, couldn't keep my eyes off "the Thing's" orange body of rock. Everything else was hackneyed, nothing to marvel over, to include the story which was far from "fantastic".

Definitely NOT on my DVD purchase list. Actually,
the coolest part of the whole film were the coming attractions before the film started, which included the trailer for "Serenity". ULTRA cool!

[Technically not a summer flick as it opens 9/30]
This is the one I've been waiting for. Continuation of Joss Whedons terribly abused network series "Firefly". Rent the DVD's then go see this flick.
Pithy Review to Follow...

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The Descent Into Madness... achieved through four bone-crushing slams of the heel of ones palm upon a desk top; each slam increasing in force and decibel, and accompanied by an equally increasing shout of, "I AM NOT AN IDIOT!!!!" [flying spittle and bulging wild-eyed expression included free with purchase].

My reaction:
Idiot? Of course not. But most definitely Psychotic.

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The Generously Iced Cake

I want to life forever -- Jesus by my side
I thought I might add to this, but
With Jesus, what more need I?
What more when Jesus is all I need?
Anything more is simply icing
On an already generously iced cake.

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Teach me your word, O Lord
Write your Precepts upon my heart
And lead my soul in the way everlasting...
I thirst for your holiness

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3 Thresholds, 2 Wombs, 1 Life

1st Threshold: Conception
No choice possible for the conceived

1st Womb: Mother's Womb
No choice required
This is the unconscious womb. Unconscious in that awareness is absent and the only responsibility one has is to be born, and cross the...

2nd Threshold: Birth --
...initiating one into the conscious womb, and the choice each must then make.
The second threshold marks the beginning of a period of testing, during which one must make a choice: choose God/Christ & ergo, Life, or reject Him, His Son and receive as reward eternal death.

2nd Womb: The Conscious Womb; Earth's Womb --
This womb is "conscious" in that awareness is now present and a "Choice" is now required. To choose God, and thereby Life, or reject God and inherit destruction. The choice is what marks this threshold. This threshold is crossed at any time beyond the point of accountability or at physical death, which marks the...

3rd Threshold: Death --
...where no choice is now possible.

Parenthetical --
For those who, while within the 2nd Womb, chose God/Christ/Life, a new life is given within a...

3rd Womb: The Spiritual Womb, and is the womb of spiritual growth, and maturity, both of which are determined by effort, openness, and honesty. Not everyone matures or even grows at the same pace, or to the same extent. This is the 3rd Threshold: Unto Life, and is crossed only by a decision for Christ, and only if drawn by God Himself. This Threshold Unto Life can only be crossed by those who chose God/Christ & salvation. Those who choose otherwise never enter a 3rd Womb, but languish in darkness until the 3rd threshold is crossed at...

Death: & Consequently, the 2nd Death by Default --
And into the Realm of Eternity...

For the unbeliever this is the greatest of woes. Better that such a one had never been born, let alone conceived. Their eternal home is now Hell. Separated forever from the light & love of God, Where such who go there never die, despite the length of eternity, and despite the torment suffered.

For the believer, this threshold marks the end of their spiritual growth. They now await their perfected bodies at the resurrection. Those who have chosen God/Jesus/Life will dwell forever in the presence of God. There will be no pain, no 2nd death, no tears, nor sadness. Only perfect joy, perfect peace, perfect love, absent all the taint of human sin, i.e.; anger, jealousy, envy, spitefulness, resentment, selfishness. Everything in perfect harmony. And should anyone think heaven will be a boring place to live, don't you believe it! God only knows what He has in store for us. The universe is a very big place... a very empty space, and we've got all eternity to work and play therein.

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Increase Broadband Speed

Even though you have done the QoS RSVP [above], Windows XP still wants 20% for itself. So. Start button, Run, & type in "gpedit.msc". Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Network Branch, QoS Packet Scheduler. Right click, select Properties and select Enable. Set the Bandwidth Limit % to '0'.

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Art Print for Dining Area

"Le Reve Des Objets"
Category: Cuisine/Alcohol/Wine (Page 6... give or take)

$8.99 (on sale). $11.99 Regular


It has been said, by me at least, that a woman is the headiest of wines, so, is it just me or is that glass of wine strategically/aesthetically placed just... so?

...I love the taste of wine.

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What Is That Song !?!?

It's Driving Me Crazy !! ARGGHH !!!

"...Embrace your season when it comes...'
"I know, I know, I know... Love will never leave you alone."

Contemporary Christian. This much I do knowe.

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My Disease, i.e.; Sin

I am not dead
Nor am I alive,
Or otherwise cursed
But not alive all the same
My heart beats
My lungs draw breath
My body hungers,
And demands urgent attention
To the necessities of life
Yet I am not alive
Nor am I dead, wholly
Yet the body lives
While the spirit does not

What remedy exists?

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Questions to Consider

When did I begin?
When did I first question?
At what moment did the dayshine cast shadows perceptible to one for whom shadows until that moment went unnoticed?
What is missing?

I'm sure I asked at some point now lost to memory, but the question was asked...

What is missing?

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Fact -- Substantiated or Otherwise

Conechuh Ridge
The Official Whiskey of Alabama

Produced in Troy, Alabama in small batches, and probably expensive. According to all I've heard, this whiskey is unavailable throughout the entire state. If you want it, you'll need to go to the state line of either Tennessee, Georgia, Florida or Mississippi. Internet/direct sales are not yet available in Alabama despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling.

Where's the logic in that?

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Fact -- Substantiated or Otherwise

Conechuh Ridge
The Official Whiskey of Alabama

Produced in Troy, Alabama in small batches, and probably expensive. According to all I've heard, this whiskey is unavailable throughout the entire state. If you want it, you'll need to go to the state line of either Tennessee, Georgia, Florida or Mississippi. Internet/direct sales are not yet available in Alabama despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling.

Where's the logic in that?

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Fact -- Substantiated or Otherwise

Thai curry [may] help fight cancer due to a "ginger-like" root called Galangal,which has anti-cancer properties, and is a common ingredient in traditional Thai cooking.

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What do recent events in the world say about the times in which we live?

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Thoughts in Obscurity... What Relevance This...

In Regard to "The Dance"

The Barren Life --
The road to the threshold

1st Threshold --
Entering the Grand Hall

Observance of the Dance --
Impressions of architecture,
its luminous air, the music,
the dancers.

Learning to Dance --
The call of souls
Learning to dance
First steps
At the center of dance

The Exchange of Vows --

2nd Threshold --
The gift of rooms: "The Lord of the Dance is pleased with your vows and offers rooms..."
Acceptance of the gift: "It is an honor to be chosen, my love. Do we accept?"

Consummation --

Sleep & Dreams --

Invitation to the Host' Table --

The Giving of Gifts --

The Bread --

The Wine --

3rd Threshold: The New Life --

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Carol in the Works

Israel longed for her messiah
Mary had a baby boy
Wise men sought His shining star
God, a babe in Mary’s arms

Angels sang to shepherds sleeping
Glory in the highest
Who left their flocks a child to see
Glory, Hallelujah

[Repeating lines being those in Bold]

The stars of Heaven adorn His crown
Glory in the highest
His love and mercy know no bounds
Glory, Hallelujah

Born a king
Born a pauper
Born to...
Born to suffer
God a babe in Mary's arms
Glory, Hallelujah

Authors note: Oh lucky you! I'll rarely add these...
Currently in the middle of a song-write; something i rarely do, in that actual lyrics are involved. I write lots of poetry but lyrics somehow come out hollow for me.. so I don't usually write them. Instead, I write lots of songs for guitar; instrumentals all, but never lyrics unless inspiration -- genuine inspiration -- plants it in my head. As is the case with a little Christmas Carol that opened up in my head like a flower as in one of those nature films. Not sure what I'll call it, but I'm sure that'll come at some point as well. It doesn't rhyme at all in the traditional sense, however. Any rhyme it does have is found only in it's repeating lines.

Each verse will have the same four repeating lines
[Lines 2, 4, 6 & 8 respectively]. The inspiration came in those four lines. The preceeding lines are what's giving me trouble. And please note that the example above does not represent a finished verse. This Carol is still in it's infancy.

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Elements to Incorporate:
Acceptance by Invitation only --
It is the host who invites, though anyone can enter into the Dance. Only by invitation is one afforded the privileges offered by the host.

List of privileges --
Clothed: Clothing worn in and out of the Hall. The uninvited must leave their garments at the Hall.

Housed: The invited alone are allowed housing.
There are rooms within the Grand Hall -- none are sure how many. They are offered only to those who accept the Host's invitation. A new home in the Hall is one thing, but work outside, in the world, is still necessary.

Fed: All are fed but only the invited are allowed access to the Fountain at the Hall's center.
Only the invited are welcome to the "full spread" whereas guests are denied the fountain at the center of the sea of dancers...

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Songs Worth Acquiring --

--Tracy Bonham

"Days Go By"
--Dirty Vegas

--Indigo Girls

As heard on Radioio

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Thoughts in Obscurity... What Relevance This...

"Allah shook the world, Islam made it bitter..."

Attributed to the Consolidation -- pre-Kin

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What to Begin ... Where to Finish

"Severance" Lots of cleanup to do there...
"Terrapin & Hare" Minor revisions needed...
"Our Fallen Friend" Lots of revisions/questions to answer

a] Mulling ideas/Plot points for next cycle of tales
b] Create plot for third cycle of tales

"Conspiracy of Love"

Think about ways to embellish on the technology of "Floating Boats," etc. visually, without getting technical...

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Questions to Consider

1) What do the Kin keep watch for?
2) What is the Elder Cache? Why is it there?
3) What is the significance of Elias' arrival?
4) How does Elias change the Kin's way of life?
5) What trades/skills have the Kin brought with them?
6) what have they developed on their own?
7) What significance do the natives have in regard to
the Kin's survival?
8) How does the Kin's arrival alter the natural order,
in regard to the indigenous peoples?
9) Why are the natives fearful of the Kin?

Book 1
Part 1 - Rabbit Goes a'Huntin'
b]Mina Scorned

Part 2 - Elias on the Mountain
b]Another Elder Goes to Ground

Part 3 - King of the Hill
b]Rabbit Takes a Wife

Epilogue - What the Journal Holds

Book 2 - East Coast Consolidation is Realized

a] Consortium descendants war against Kin
--Who are also Consortium desc.
b] Last days of the firearm
c] Subjugating the coasts/living with the fallout(nuclear)
d] Ships - In search of Europe (Atlantis? Hmmmm)

Book 3 - Your Guess is as Good as Mine

"Nothing as of yet is written in stone..."

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Kite Song

Standard tuning

Capo: 1


"...In the middle of the night,
we try and try with all our mights
To light a little light down here
In the middle of the night,
we dream of a million kites
Flying high above the sadness and the fear..."

Music and lyrics by Patty Griffin

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Knowledge, Sin, Life, Sufficiency

We walk where Adam walked...
Gardens pristine and new
Where knowledge was sin,
The tree of life denied, yet
Walking now where Adam walked,
Eternal life denied no more,
And God's bounty all-sufficient


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"Blue Meanies of the New Millennium"

Quoted From
: Commentary offered by John Gibson /061405

Reference: Opponents of "Loving & Sharing." Any and all who would choose to see Mssr. Jackson spend time in Jail for his so-called "Acts of Sharing," otherwise known as Sleeping with Children.

Personal Note: I guess that makes me a BMotNM. Yet -- by Law -- he is innocent of the charges leveled against him. However, no one is truly innocent.

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God..."

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Exotic Food Stuffs

Sushi Ingredients to buy:
"Siracha" Hot Sauce
"Huy Fong" Brand
Nori "Yamamotoyama" Brand

Medium Grade/Silver
$2.99/10 Sheets
$28.99/ 120 Sheets
Premium Grade/Gold
$3.99/ 10 sheets

Other Foodstuffs:
Black Rice
Forbidden Rice from "Lotus Foods"
$4.50/ 15oz.

Whole Farro
$10/ 1.1 lbs.

Bhutanese Red Rice
$5.00/ 15 oz.
Rare Hawaiian Organic Winter Honey
$16.00/ 80z.
Infused Grapeseed Oils
$7.50/ 6.5 oz.

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Grandma Died @ 12:35 a.m. on June 19th of 2003

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On Boundaries & Peace

I was made to look over the edge
By a man who fell over the edge
Who spoke of how he climbed back from the edge
And into a body of pain

Reassured, I was made to wonder for my soul
By a man so sure of his soul,
Whose eyes spoke of peace in his soul
In a body acquainted with pain

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The Particulars No. 1*

1-- The Name is Eric. 44, never married, never close. Single by the Grace of God, and beginning to wish-- for quite a while now --that I had a partner, children, that I had the opportunity to share in another soul's journey. This state of singleness is where God, and a long string of personal choices, have led me. And I pray daily for change.

2-- I have held a myriad of jobs, in the last 27 years, all of them as diverse from the other as is possible. I have strung television cable in the rurals of Arkansas, Steered crew boats in the Gulf of Mexico, installed and maintained X-ray equipment for hospitals and clinics in the Florida panhandle, Cooked in restaurants, and now find myself at a Television station in southeast Alabama. Interestingly, I find that these experiences have shaped me in ways I could only describe as positive. And I have seen, experienced, and discovered some truly amazing things, like...

I once witnessed a porpoise in the wild nudging her new-born to the surface of the inter-coastal waterway in Louisiana, while crying... The child was lifeless.

100 miles out into the Gulf on a clear moonless night, it is possible to read a book by starlight alone.

The feet of every soul are set at the moment of birth upon a path only it can walk. We are, by our very design, lone, solitary creatures. We may find others along the way to share the journey, but the path is ours, and ours alone, unless we allow God into our hearts; allowing him to look out from behind our eyes, feel the wind on our face, the soft feel of silk on our skin, the soft brush of lips in a chaste kiss. We don't have to experience these things as solitary creatures. God wants to share them with us. He wants us to share these experiences with Him.

3-- I have always been a creative person, it is my gift from God, and nurtured by my father who also had the gift of making. I won two art contests while in school, without really trying. I've delved into music, playing trumpet in school, and dabbling with flutes, and whistles. I play guitar, and have played since I was 15. I have sculpted clay, wood, stone... Painted, sketched, written essays, stories, and lots of poetry. And I have yet to discover just what it is He would have me do with the gifts He has given me.

4-- My favorite word is 'Intaglioed.'

I have plenty of time to hash all this out. I expect I'll be filling in the particulars and setting the table for some time to come, and trying to get my bearings, so to speak. After all, I actually know the direction in which I'm moving... Toward Him, the Light, my savior... And eternity.

--* Previously posted on an earlier incarnation of Pocket Mumbles. The asterix denotes a previous post from said previous incarnations until November 2004.

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