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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

What is Truth?

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...truth eludes us if we do not concentrate with total attention on its pursuit. And even while it eludes us, the illusion still lingers of knowing it and leads to many misunderstandings. Also, truth is seldom pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter.


Religion is undoubtedly necessary, but it must not be forcibly implanted and even must not be intensively propagandized; it is passed from man to man as an intimate gift...

--Alexander Solzhenitsyn

From the man who survived the Gulag, Exile, Cancer, Communism, but not-- ultimately --Death. True wisdom comes from God, and whether or not what wisdom he possessed came from God I cannot say. But I can say he was a Christian. I can say that Pain, Strife, and the Overcoming of such do produce a kind of wisdom that is not to be discounted. I can say that the above two quotes embodies-- is infused with --the spirit of God.

Solzhenitsyn died August 3, 2008

It is true that Truth is seldom pleasant.

It is unpleasant for the unrepentant to hear that there is no other entry into heaven but through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. For those who refuse to believe that God will not judge them by THAT standard, but rather by the weight of their good deeds, it IS a bitter dreg. Because they cannot explain Him, they cannot accept the veracity... the TRUTH... of His promise of eternal life.

Everything you need to know about the truth of the believer's security in Christ can be found in Jude 1:1 and Jude 1:25-- In fact, this truth can be found everywhere in the New Testament, but I am particularly fond of Jude.

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On August 29, 2008 at 10:44 PM, Blogger Ms.Green said...

The amount of truth available is greater than the demand.

Even when it's right in front of them, most reject it and keep searching for it instead.


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