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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

Looking For Someone to Blame? Look in the Mirror...

You and every other American, past and present, who did not stand up for the only known source of goodness in our society-- namely; God.

Consider the thoughts of Dr. Michael Youseff...

It came as no surprise to me that, immediately after the shooting, the liberal media jumped on the bandwagon with accusations. Because the congresswoman was a Democrat, members of the press surmised that the shooting had to be an act of "right-wing extremist groups."

Why didn't they wait to comment until they had examined the psychological history of the young gunman? What about evidence of occult worship found in his home? Why was it okay to immediately and emotionally target a group of people without all of the facts?

There is something else they have overlooked. Those who are fighting so strongly to have God removed from our culture do not realize that when God is kicked out of public life, He will not be replaced with "nothing." Instead, Satan and his demons are hard at work and are waiting with baited breath for the vacuum created by God's name being evacuated from a society. The void that remains will not be empty; it will be occupied by Satan and his minions.

Attributed to Spinoza is the oft quoted phrase, "Nature abhors a vacuum." And, since nature is the product of a loving God, it must therefore be true that God Himself abhors a vacuum. I imagine God sees the vacuum as waste, whereas evil views it as an opportunity. What does that say about those who saw in the Arizona shooting an 'opportunity' to strike out at those they hate? Namely, all those who offer an alternative to Liberal ideology, and whom the Left deems a threat to their social agenda.

Dr. Youseff is correct; you cannot kick God out of education and the public square and expect nothing to fill the void. We are reaping what we've sown. Nothing more, nothing less.

Only an idiot points his finger at any one person-- Sarah Palin, for instance --for purely partisan reasons, to assign personal blame. This is the same mentality behind the Obama administration's steadfast refusal to appoint proper blame to radical Islam for the Fort Hood shooting, the Underwear Bomber, and the Time Square Bomber; all adherents to the religion of Islam.

This is the rub for many honest thinking Americans-- how can one group (specifically progressives) deflect blame for the religion of Islamic perpetrators of crime, despite overwhelming evidence against their faith, and yet blame anyone and everyone conservative without the slightest scintilla of evidence? How? Because the Left isn't interested in honest-to-goodness Truth. What they're interested in is ideology-- their own.

And it's an ideology void of God.

Want someone to blame? Take a good hard look at yourself. What have you done to defend rightness and goodness in your world? What did you do to defend God, and the right of everyone to freely worship and teach Him in public?

The reason so many people want God expunged from the public square is because they want to be able to do as they please without any fear of social guilt. If God is banished, who can tell them that what they choose to do, and how they choose to live, is wrong?

Jared Laughner is to blame. He pulled the trigger. If anyone else is to blame it is we who stood by and allowed the godless to strip us of our Constitutional right to freely worship the only true God... YHWH, Jehovah, Hashem, the LORD G-d Almighty, to whom each of us owes our very existence.

What was it Edmund Burke said?

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Stand up for God, and fight back against those who hate Him-- and PRAY! Nothing else can push back against the growing tide of violence.

After Thought:

I have to wonder if the Left, Media and Democrat Party included, has abandoned commonsense. Do they think they can win votes by abandoning sound, logical reasoning? Fomenting hatred toward their political foes is going to sweep them back into power, how? The unprecedented level of death threats against Sarah Palin since last Saturday's shooting helps their cause, how? It was right and good that Obama took the stance he did last night against apportioning blame unduly and unjustly. He should have said as much, publicly, days ago... his words appear to have sounded upon deaf ears among his base. And, I have to wonder, had he spoken out days ago, would it have made any difference?

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1st Class Ass-Wipe Know-Nothing Douche Bag

Bill Maher

Pardon my language folks, but the very sound of this man's voice makes me want to projectile vomit.

It's not illegal to have an opinion. But neither is it illegal to be a complete and utter moron. If this is what passes for enlightened thinking on the Left, then let's hope the Left is quickly relegated to defunctory status-- the sooner the better. I'm not sure how much more idiocy I can continue to take from men like Maher. I think I'd rather gouge out my ears than have to listen to the likes of this buffoon. Praise God the Left was dealt that embarrassing defeat last November.

This man isn't going to like hell one bit.

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The Burger King Constitution

How's this for an interesting dichotomy? Our president insists:

Everyone must present proof of insurance...
but NOT proof of citizenship.

There's something wonky with our president's priorities, not to mention a bit self-serving.

But have it your way, America. After all, this nation resembles more and more the neighborhood Burger King than the America our Constitution describes. Yes, the Constitution is ALWAYS good, but when you can add or remove-- at will --any ingredient that doesn't tickle your palate, is it still the same advertised burger? Or have we, by adding and subtracting the things we do and don't like, created an altogether new burger?

President Obama does seem to enjoy a good burger, but then there's nothing wrong with that... unless your name is Michelle.

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Nearly Out of the Woodes

I'm coming out of a week-long illness/fugue. On the 23rd I helped a co-worker carry a number of cases of printer paper to "the dungeon," and that night I thought I was on my way to the emergency room. Sitting in an office all day doesn't offer much in the way of exercise, and so, I ended up over-exerting myself.

I felt uncomfortable all Christmas weekend while visiting with my family, and it only got worse upon returning home. But last night... FINALLY, after some prayer at church Thursday evening, I seem to be out of the woods.

I literally thought I was going to die. Without going into specifics, I hurt something in my neck and chest while carrying those boxes, and that hurt kept me light-headed and heavy-chested, with muscle spasms up both sides of my neck.

I didn't go to the hospital... don't have the money for it. So I relied on prayer, fasting, and a number of healthy cocktails. I'm feeling so much better, but not entirely out of the woods.

I give God all the credit, with kudos to sensible 'natural' applications, for getting me to a new year. Whether I live or die, it's all in His hands anyway, but it's nice all the same to still be here.

It is my wish that everyone have a rich (spiritually speaking) and prosperous 2011.

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