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My Own Personal Paradigm shift

I'm learning a new way of looking at marketing online.  I've been blogging for six or seven years already-- mostly politics and religion --but I never knew how to make money doing it. That would be nice, right? to make money doing something I actually love doing? I like blogging, but more importantly, I love writing.

I just left a fifteen year career at a local television station. I started in what they called Master Control... I literally got paid to watch television; to make sure all those commercials ran on time and in their proper slot. If there was nothing good on CBS that evening, I had a book. So long as everything ran as scheduled, I got paid. About a year later I moved into production, doing the Five, Six and Ten O'clock news. I became proficient with cameras, audio, tapes, and graphics, but my strongest suit was graphics. It still is.

About eleven years of this I moved to the more creative side of a small market TV Station... Creative Services / Sales. Now, I was only the graphics guy. The ladies on the sales floor would come to me and ask for a Skyscraper or Supercube, with such-n-such specifications, and this call to action, etc., and there is went, straight onto our website. BAM! The station made money. What did the sales lady make? A very nice commission check. What did I make, 10 bucks an hour.

As I said, I became very good at this. But not just at building graphics but at video production and editing as well. The problem was, however, with all my skills I was struggling to make ends meet... still am, truth be told, but I'm not a quitter. I just need to know HOW to do a thing... ANY thing... and I can change that thing.

All my life I've had these talents; innate abilities that allowed me to pull the thoughts and imagination out of my mind and soul, and put them on paper, or canvas, or etched in stone and wood... I was born an artist. But I never learned how to market what I could do. But all that changes today. The Empower Network is going to show me how to change all that. First, by changing my immediate financial woes, and second, by showing me how to market my abilities... something that three years in the sales department in a small town television station never managed to do.

I'm staring at the fulcrum of my own personal paradigm shift

I'm about to start making 100% commissions on everything I sell for the Empower Network-- more than the paltry 10% the lovely ladies on the sales floor made. Want to know how I'm going to manage this feat? Watch the video at the top of this blog now!

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