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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

Apostasy Alert!

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in California, and author of the best selling Purpose Driven Life, is an apostate. There is no other word to describe his defection from the truth.

According to Warren, Christians and Muslims worship the same god. This is simply false. Add to this his support and efforts toward ecumenical parity in a fusion of the two faiths called Chrislam and it's clear that apostasy has taken root at Saddleback Church.

Warren has, of course, vehemently denied any support or affiliation with the Chrislam movement (and it is a small movement), but if he truly believes Christians and Muslims worship the same god, then there is virtually no difference between one and the other. If there is no difference, then converting to Chrislam is the natural progression of faith for both Muslims and Christians.

But there is only one God. And His name is not Allah... it is YHWH, Yahweh... or Jehovah. There is no hope of life beyond this present world without Jesus of Nazareth-- the son of the living God --and His sacrifice. There is no atonement without the shedding of blood. And there is no blood efficacious enough to cover any man's sins, let alone the sins of the entire world and history of men, but that of Jesus alone.

Rick Warren needs to rethink his stance, and repent.

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Another Comment "American Vision" Will Delete

From an article here

The article itself "exposes" Rick Santorum's grandfather as a "communist". This site-- specifically Joel McDurmon --supports Ron Paul. Personally speaking, I like Ron Paul; I like his constitutional stances, but with one caveat... his foreign policy stance as it relates to constitutionality. It's one thing to say we shouldn't be in all of the countries we are, war footing or otherwise, but it's quite another to publicly declare one's intention to close military bases worldwide and end all conflicts, period.

The object this November is to defeat Obama. But if, as American Vision advocates, you eliminate Romney (he's Mormon!), Gingrich (he's an adulterer!), and Santorum (his grandfather was a communist!), all you're left with is Paul.... who is unelectable. I am as equally tired of the left deciding for us who our candidate will be, as I am of many on the right deciding who our candidate shouldn't be. And I'm tired of sites like American Vision News, operating under the pretense of morality, and facade of Christianity, practicing the politics of personal destruction in the "noble" cause of pushing its own vision of America, rather than the America our Christian forefathers fought to give us.

Presently, American Vision, is pushing Ron Paul; so much so it bends over backward to paint him as the only saintly choice, at the expense of every other candidate who, according to, and distorted by American Vision, are unfit and undeserving of every man of conscience's vote.

My comment to the question of the relevance of Santorum's grandfather's association with the communist party in Italy during Mussolini's fascist regime...

It isn't relevant; we criticize the left for being blatant in their bias, but it would seem the "right" is just as biased, just as churlish as the left. The son is not the grandfather.

This site calls itself "American Vision", but I'm beginning to see the vision it purports to defend is its own... not America's. This site purports to be advancing "faith", but it forgets that our faith originates in Christ... not the republican party or any pet politician.

If you want to take a look at family backgrounds, why not look at Jesus'? One of his ancestors was a bastard, Pharez, whose mother 'played the harlot.' Another ancestor, Salmon-- David's great grandfather --whose mother was Rahab, a harlot. Ruth, another of Jesus' ancestors was a Moabitess-- whose ancestry began with one of Lot's sons.... through incest. The way this site portrays its least desired candidates, it's clear that Jesus himself couldn't get elected president in America, let alone offered a pastorship. Everywhere I look, I see Pharasees.

And, as I thought would happen. Mr. McDurmon has deleted my comment.

Not only does the left employ the crudest form of personal destruction, so too, it now appears, do many on the right.

I expect this kind of behavior from the left. I even expect it from many on the right. But when Christians resort to the politics of personal destruction it becomes obvious that there is something very wrong with Christianity in America. In truth, much of what passes for Christianity in America today is anything but Christian.

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2012 CPAC Highlights

Amen! As in, I concur; it's true; so it is. But let me be clear: this is not about supporting CPAC, which is a political conference, but rather an exercise in approbation for those things that, as a Christian, I feel need repeating; or pointing out-- affixing a little punctuation to. Some who are watching CPAC will only see and hear the things that speak to Nov 6, 2012. I believe that's important too, but not near as important as stemming the godless tide that's rising in this nation.

Yes, I said, 'godless'. And I meant that exactly how you thought I meant it.

Jay Sekulow: “We are witnessing the the greatest attack on religious freedom and it goes way beyond the Catholic Church.”
“Compromise is not acceptable,” Sekulow said. “You don’t compromise on the First Amendment.”

Santorum to Conservatives: “You Are Blessed to Live In a Time When America Needs You.” [Video]
“It’s not about contraception... its about economic freedom, it’s about religious freedom. It is government controlling your life, and it’s got to stop.”

Kirk Cameron: The Founding of America is “Monumental” [video]
“The meaning of separation of church and state has lost its original meaning,” Cameron said. “It’s now a codeword for secularizing the state."
 [Amen, brother!]

Obama vs The Constitution: How a Harvard Law Graduate President is Shredding the Constitution
“Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the White House and a bunch of appointees the right to tell us where we can move as citizens, and businesses ought to be able to move where they want to create jobs."

The RIGHT View - Panel Discussion:
S.E. Cupp, Author of "Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity"
Michelle Duggar, from TLC's "19 Kinds & Counting"
Star Parker, founder & president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education
Kate Obenshain, vice president of the Young America's Foundation

Dinesh D.Souza - Where will we be in 2016
"[Obama] says, 'I can't have my dad, so I'll take his dream.' That's the meaning of Dreams From My Father. And I think that if you take the anti-colonial ideology from the father and apply it to the actions of the son, you will see a jigsaw pattern come together."

The Honorable Newt Gingrich
"This administration is waging war on religion. But so are the courts. This is why we need a movement that's bigger than just 'Beating Obama.' We need a movement that understands we're going to change congress, the White House, the buracracies, and where necessary, the courts.... If [Obama] wins reelection he will wage war on the Catholic church the morning after he's reelected. We cannot trust him."

Governor Bobby Jindal
"Yesterday the administration finally began backtracking on their most recent assault on religious liberty-- to some extent, finally realizing their mistake. But here's the important thing to understand: you and I know their mistake the Obama administration made here was to violate the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. But the administration doesn't even admit it; they don't even get it. They don't even understand what religious freedom means. The real mistake they actually made was this: the very briefly let the American people see what is behind that curtain; they gave us a glimpse of their true colors."

Europe Sees You in the Rearview Mirror
Daniel Hannan, Member, European Parliament and President, Young Britons' Foundation
"If you repeat [Europe's] mistakes; if you shift power from the fifty states to Washington; from the elected representative to the federal czar; from the citizen to the state, we know exactly what lies in store for you. 

"I've been a member of the European Parliament for twelve years. I am living in your future-- or at least the future toward which your present leaders seem intent on taking you. Believe me, my friends, you are not going to enjoy it."

The Honorable Sarah Palin - Closing Address of the 2012 CPAC Convention
"His plan isn't winning the future, it's losing the country."

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"Thank God for Israel..."

Though this speech was made almost a year ago, it is much more relevant in its warnings about a nuclear Iran than yesteryear... and Israel's eventual decision to do what no other nation on earth has a willingness to do.

The entire debate speech is 11 minutes long, and all of it excellent, but the portion I wish to highlight begins at 9:10...

"When a tyrant says he wants to kill you... Believe him."
This is the lesson the Jewish people learned from World War 2; from Hitler's regime. How can the West sit back and watch it all unfold again? What shame would this nation have heaped upon itself had, upon hearing Jews in Hitler's Germany were defending themselves against that mad man's "Final Solution", condemning the Jews for their aggression, while doing nothing to stop Hitler but, rather, giving U.S. aid to Germany?

But that is exactly what we're doing today. Aiding those who attack Israel, while condemning Israel for defending itself.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

Why can't the West see it?

One word...


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Jesus Would Support Taxing the Rich?

This from our president at the National Prayer Breakfast? Really.. He really said it, and in doing so demonstrated his complete ignorance of biblical giving and taxation. There are any number of fools out there who believe Jesus was a liberal, but it's a shame our president is one of them. Ignorance of biblical tenet is nothing new in the halls of Liberal thought. Last year there was a tiff between Leftist MSNBC'er Lawrence O'Donnell and Rush Limbaugh on, of all things, the budget. O'Donnell's question: 'What would Jesus cut?' Limbaugh instead, and rightly so, asked, 'What would Jesus TAKE?'

Here's the video. At 1:53 in, O'Donnell scolds Rush, saying, he has "no working command of the Bible," then proceeds to brutally demonstrate his own complete ignorance as to the true meaning of Jesus' teaching.

Gary Demar, who is the last person I'd look to for proper exegesis of scripture, calls them all out with the opening of his piece at Godfather Politics...
"Don’t you just love it when Liberals turn to the Bible for support of their policies? How many times have you heard Liberals tell us that “Jesus never got mixed up in politics” or “We’re not supposed to Judge” or “You can’t impose your morality on other people” or “There’s a separation between church and state”? Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds."
Over at American Vision is perhaps the best refutation I've encountered on the Left's love-affair with Jesus' non-existent Leftist philosophy... specifically concerning taxation.  Here's your link: What Would Jesus Take?, by Joel McDurmon.
...these leftists think Jesus is a leftist — that He would support the modern leftist Welfare State, take from the rich, cut from the rich, and give to the poor using government coercion.
In a nutshell: taxation is coerced "giving" and, when used to support an ideological stance that condones taking greater percentages from others in the name of charity, is antithetical to the biblical idea of tithes and giving. Jesus never supported taxation, though he did recognize the need of people to stay on the state's good side by obeying the laws the state imposed on them. In effect, render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, but this is not an endorsement of Caesar's theft.

Every verse with which O'Donnell used to chastise Limbaugh was both misapplied and misinterpreted. Jesus was not a Marxist. He wasn't a Liberal. Nor a progressive. He was God in human flesh, and even God doesn't ask for more than ten percent (or, to quote, Bono, "God's not short of cash, mister..."). If anything, as McDurmon points out, Jesus' policy is regressive, treating everyone the same; ten percent of one's income is harder on the poor than on the rich.

It's true, as well, that 'to whom much is given, much shall be required,' but this is neither license nor endorsement of governments robbing the rich via a progressive tax system, for whatever reason, including the funding of social welfare programs.

Obama can believe what he wants about what the Bible has to say. Just because he's president, however, doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about. If Obama's faith had even a tibia of genuine biblical understanding he wouldn't have made such an egregious error.

Assuming the error wasn't intentional.

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