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This world is one big game of "Go"-- Black against White, Light against Darkness --and we all have a choice to make: Do we war FOR the Light?

...or against it?

For Filthy Lucre's Sake

in light of my post "Questions to Consider" how can a supposed "Man of God" ask his audience to plant a seed of faith in the amount of $100 and guarantee that by doing so God will save the planter's unsaved loved ones? That's right! Plant a seed of faith and God will save your unsaved family members. Or so said Kenneth Copeland this very evening.

Benny Hinn isn't any better. Did you know that if you are saved, "the family line" will not be broken if YOU remain faithful; to mean, YOUR prayers will save your loved ones... YOU will pray them into Heaven. Or so said Benny Hinn this very evening.

Well, last time I checked, John 14:6 said...

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

To qualify that further, John 6:44 says...

No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.

No amount of money you give can bribe God into saving your unsaved family. He is not willing that any should perish, but neither will he force anyone to accept His love and forgiveness.

Everyone must choose for themselves, and everyone must choose when the Lord calls him. We must choose when we hear His calling... when our consciences are pricked. That is the clear teaching of these two verses.

So what about Jesus? To confront another error being taught in mainline churches, is Jesus who He said He was? And if so, why not take Him at His word? For if He is THE way, THE truth, and THE life, and NO ONE comes to the Father BUT THROUGH HIM, why then are many "pastors" teaching and promoting the belief that there are many ways to God?

Someone is not telling the truth. Either it's Jesus, or its the men who are, in effect, calling Jesus a liar.

The Bible says...

...Let God be true, but every man a liar.

Does anyone care that heresy is being taught by evil men? Will anyone speak out against them? What must God think of the Church-- the REAL Church --which has chosen to keep silent? Many of whom have lifted up these heretics with praise and devotion? Does anyone care that apostasy has swept across Europe and is, at this very moment in time, swallowing America whole?

How can anyone who believes, NOT believe that He is coming very soon?

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Man's Clone vs. God's Perfect Diversity

For a man stamps many coins in one mold and they are all alike; but the King who is king over all kings, the Holy One blessed be he, stamped every man in the mold of the first man, yet not one of them resembles his fellow.

--Jewish Midrash

Why does Man feel the need to improve upon God's perfection?

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The Highlight of The State of the Union

We have other work to do on taxes. Unless Congress acts, most of the tax relief we've delivered over the past seven years will be taken away. Some in Washington argue that letting tax relief expire is not a tax increase. Try explaining that to 116 million American taxpayers who would see their taxes rise by an average of $1,800. Others have said they would personally be happy to pay higher taxes. I welcome their enthusiasm. I'm pleased to report that the IRS accepts both checks and money orders. [Laughter and applause]

Most Americans think their taxes are high enough. With all the other pressures on their finances, American families should not have to worry about their federal government taking a bigger bite out of their paychecks. There's only one way to eliminate this uncertainty: Make the tax relief permanent.

There were others, but none reached so high as this. None rang so true.

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Questions to Consider

How tolerant do Christians have to be of other faiths? Is speaking out against idolatry something the average Christian should concern himself with? Who decides what is Truth? And if it is genuine Truth, is it wrong to defend it if others might be offended by said defense? If even one person is offended has the Defense failed its testimony.... its walk with Christ?

Who decides what is and is not true? And does one have a moral obligation to defend that truth?

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Pithy Review: Cloverfield

To paraphrase one reviewer, Cloverfield is Blair Witch meets Attack of the Fifty Story Monster.

I stayed as the credits rolled-- my usual habit. I learned years ago while at the theater watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off, that sometimes film makers add cool stuff right at the end... after the credits. Another good reason to sit through the credits, however, is to hear what people have to say about it on their way out. And what didn't surprise me one bit about Cloverfield were the voices of those who did not like the film. Or should I say, "appreciate" it's grainy beauty?

Cloverfield is exactly what the trailers billed it as, a film from the camera's perspective... not the idiot holding it. It was often jarring to watch, and the camera rarely saw the action as it was happening. Mostly the camera turned to catch the action in progress, which to my mind was very refreshing. Here at last was a film that put the audience behind the camera and in the middle of the action. YOU are holding the camera. YOU are running through the streets. YOU are freaked and stunned to see your friends dying around you. And You have enough presence of forethought to hold on to the camera and catalog the cataclysmic events that redefine everything intelligent rational people have believed all their lives about their world and their place in it. YOU are a hero. Everyone knows YOUR name.... and they all know how YOU died.

For all this film was only some 75 minutes long; and the first 20 are taken up with incidental lead-up, the remaining fifty-five minutes are incredible. The two times I looked at my watch was not to see how far into the movie I was, but to wonder just how much more I could take in the time remaining. Cloverfield had me clutching the arm rests, squirming, and jerking back deeper into the stadium seating in surprise and shock.

I imagine they used cameras more professional than a hand-held, but its a testament to the film itself that the scenes which were obviously recorded with a hand-held, and those from its more professional and expensive cousin, were flawless... seemless... you could not tell one camera from the other.

There were, however, a couple of dialog moments I felt uncomfortable with. Given the context they were to be expected considering I hear the same just about everywhere I go.

Were it not for those dialog incidents I'd pay to see this one again. I'd even pay after-matinée price. That's right, I'd pay $7.50 to see 55 minutes of action.

For those who didn't get it? They'll never get it. Too many people these days expect to have it all handed to them... including the plot and artistry of entertainment.

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Why Am I Special?

Because God loves me. Regardless of what anyone else thinks or says to the contrary, I know I am special. How do I know He loves me? He told me in a letter... Called The Holy Bible

My Child,

You may not know me, but I know everything about you. Psalm 139:1
I know when you sit down and when you rise up. Psalm 139:2
I am familiar with all your ways. Psalm 139:3
Even the very hairs on your head are numbered. Matthew 10:29-31
For you were made in my image. Genesis 1:27
In me you live and move and have your being. Acts 17:28
For you are my offspring. Acts 17:28
I knew you even before you were conceived. Jeremiah 1:4-5
I chose you when I planned creation. Ephesians 1:11-12
You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book. Psalm 139:15-16
I determined the exact time of your birth and where you would live. Acts 17:26
You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14
I knit you together in your mother's womb. Psalm 139:13
And brought you forth on the day you were born. Psalm 71:6
I have been misrepresented by those who don't know me. John 8:41-44
I am not distant and angry, but am the complete expression of love. 1 John 4:16
And it is my desire to lavish my love on you. 1 John 3:1
Simply because you are my child and I am your Father. 1 John 3:1
I offer you more than your earthly father ever could. Matthew 7:11
For I am the perfect father. Matthew 5:48
Every good gift that you receive comes from my hand. James 1:17
For I am your provider and I meet all your needs. Matthew 6:31-33
My plan for your future has always been filled with hope. Jeremiah 29:11
Because I love you with an everlasting love. Jeremiah 31:3
My thoughts toward you are countless as the sand on the seashore. Psalms 139:17-18
And I rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17
I will never stop doing good to you. Jeremiah 32:40
For you are my treasured possession. Exodus 19:5
I desire to establish you with all my heart and all my soul. Jeremiah 32:41
And I want to show you great and marvelous things. Jeremiah 33:3
If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me. Deuteronomy 4:29
Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4
For it is I who gave you those desires. Philippians 2:13
I am able to do more for you than you could possibly imagine. Ephesians 3:20
For I am your greatest encourager. 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17
I am also the Father who comforts you in all your troubles. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
When you are brokenhearted, I am close to you. Psalm 34:18
As a shepherd carries a lamb, I have carried you close to my heart. Isaiah 40:11
One day I will wipe away every tear from your eyes. Revelation 21:3-4
And I'll take away all the pain you have suffered on this earth. Revelation 21:3-4
I am your Father, and I love you even as I love my son, Jesus. John 17:23
For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed. John 17:26
He is the exact representation of my being. Hebrews 1:3
He came to demonstrate that I am for you, not against you. Romans 8:31
And to tell you that I am not counting your sins. 2 Corinthians 5:18-19
Jesus died so that you and I could be reconciled. 2 Corinthians 5:18-19
His death was the ultimate expression of my love for you. 1 John 4:10
I gave up everything I loved that I might gain your love. Romans 8:31-32
If you receive the gift of my son Jesus, you receive me. 1 John 2:23
And nothing will ever separate you from my love again. Romans 8:38-39
Come home and I'll throw the biggest party heaven has ever seen. Luke 15:7
I have always been Father, and will always be Father. Ephesians 3:14-15
My question is…Will you be my child? John 1:12-13
I am waiting for you. Luke 15:11-32
Love, Your Dad.

Almighty God

Everyone is special. Even me.

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Atheists Evolved From Chickens?

by Ray Comfort
Writing for Christian Worldview Network

A loving Christian brother just emailed me and said, “Man-o-man. There are some bitter, furious, Christian hatin' bloggers out there!!!” I told him that he is seeing comparatively nice ones. I delete the bad blogs. He’s right though. Some of the atheists that are part of this blog are pretty nasty. So, I have decided to return a bit of the fire (in love, of course).

My new theory is that perhaps atheists evolved from the chicken, because they not only have chicken characteristics--a head, eyes, mouth, skin, neck, heart, earlobes and legs (homology structures), but they also have the chicken’s tendencies--they are chicken livered. They hang around Christians like annoying little bugs hang around light, trying to inject their poison whenever they can.

If you are an atheist, I hope I’m ruffling your feathers. I want to get under your skin and ask why you don’t have the courage to even whisper to Moslems what you keep shouting at Christians. Prove me wrong. Get onto a Moslem website and tell them that you don’t believe their god exists. Do your little “I don’t believe in Zeus” thing. Tell them they believe a myth. Talk about Mohammed as you do Jesus (use lower case for Mohamed). Do your “I don’t believe in the flying spaghetti monster” thing. Tell them that we weren’t made by a god (lower case), but that they evolved from primates (that will go down well). Also, let them know in no uncertain terms that the Koran is full of mistakes (give some examples), and that their mosques are full of hypocrites.

You wouldn’t dare, because you are chicken-livered. You know that they are not like Christians. Despite the “anonymity” of your little chicken coop, they would come after you to lop off your head. And when they find you, you would fall on your knees and be praying to God for help, quicker than I can move a fly swat . . . and I'm pretty quick. So, think about what you are doing, and think about how much you value your life. Then think about what we are telling you. Think.

Think indeed! Christians just want you to join the family, and are willing to tolerate all the abuse you can muster just to introduce you to our God and King. Fling that same abuse elsewhere... say at Muslims... and see where that gets you.

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Is America too Tolerant?

Muslim opening prayer at Iowa Statehouse raises concerns

The prayer asked of "Victory over those who disbelieve," and "Protection from the great Satan"

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The Loss of the Gospel in American Churches

I found this at Slice of Laodicea. Great message. TRUE message. A message today's church has forgotten/needs to relearn. Salvation is a supernatural transaction... not the product of clever arguments, and seeker-sensitive messages. The Gospel is sharper than ANY two-edged sword, and the one Christ carried was for the sole purpose of dividing mother from daughter, father from son. He didn't come to bring peace... He came to bring a sword. And the sword says, "Today is the day of Salvation! Choose you this day whom you will serve!"

[10 minutes in length]

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The Only Conservative Has Pulled Out

With Fred Thompson now gone... all Conservatives are left with are wannabe's. McCain? Too Liberal. Huckabee? Too Liberal. Rudy? Is he still in? Was he EVER in? Romney? Not AS Liberal, but not Conservative by any stretch, and may well be the only viable choice left TO Conservatives.

The question now is, can Romney beat ANY Democrat candidate in the general?

McCain? Might as well elect Hillary. There's not more than an ounce of difference between them.

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Heath Ledger, Dead at 28

Drugs MAY have been responsible...
[Lots of traffic on this story. I had trouble getting through.]

Very good actor, despite Brokeback Mountain. How very sad that someone as talented as Mr. Ledger felt the need to resort to drugs.

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On winter weather, the Flying J, and public service

Yesterday afternoon was cold-- mid-thirties, wind, rain. And there I am at the Flying J trying to gas up, but half their pumps are out for some reason. So I'm waiting in line behind two other cars.

A few minutes into my wait a truck backs up to a pump that is out of order, I see the driver look over to the pump only to see the sign. He looks familiar, so familiar in fact my mind immediately gives the guy a name. Before I can have that name confirmed he pulls away and gets in the line next to me on the other side of the pump.

The line moves forward and eventually it's my turn. I get out and swipe the debit card and low and behold there's my congressman Terry Everett on the other side of the pump... turns out I was right.

To make sure, I say, "Congressman?"

He turns and smiles and reaches over and we shake hands.

I say, "I was very sad to hear you are planning to retire. I'm very pleased with the job you do."

He said, "Thank you."

I then asked, "Can you recommend any of those who are running for your seat?"

He said, "No. I can't do that. I just hope it's someone who wants to serve our country rather than have the distinction of sitting in Congress."

"That's what worries me," I said. "We have too many of those as it is, and too many people seem only to want to make a name for themselves rather than serve the people in a manner the people wish to be served."

As I put the nozzle back in its cradle I said, "I am both proud and pleased with your service, sir. I don't know how we'll get by without you."

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Let's take some time to Imagine...

Imagine a time, when you will never be unwelcome ANYWHERE, at ANYONE'S home... A time when it will never ever occur to anyone to be envious of anyone else.

Imagine being married to the King of Glory! Will our Husband deny us anything? No. Because we will not want anything He would not love to give us.

What insight into the nature and quality of Heaven have you?

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Israel's Take on the Bush Visit/Mission

An interview between Jimmy DeYoung of Day of discovery & Prophecy Today Radio and David Dolan, twenty-plus year resident of Jerusalem and correspondent.

January 12, 2008 - David Dolan: Middle East News Update

Listen Here  or  Download Here

Skepticism is very high, especially since Gaza continues to fire rockets into Israel. Continues...

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Only The Rich Pay Taxes

[This post is supplemental to comments made in the previous post.]

Click on Image to enlarge

86% of all federal income taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earners.
(Up from 84.0% in 2000)

--The Top 50% pay 97% of all income taxes
--The Top 1% pay 39%, up 2% from 2000 when Bush took office

Source Link: Data from the Latest Tax Year Released by the IRS. Run the Numbers! After the Bush Tax Cuts, the Rich Pay More Taxes!
Wall Street Journal: "In 1980, when the top income tax rate was 70%, the richest 1% paid only 19% of all income taxes; now, with a top rate of 35%, they pay more than double that share."

Other Links:

Who Pays America's Tax Burden, and Who Gets the Most Government Spending?

Here's a relevant passage:

"While the U.S. tax system is progressive, the distribution of government spending makes the overall fiscal system more progressive than is apparent from tax distributions alone. Using a microdata model we estimate the distribution of federal, state and local taxes and spending between 1991 and 2004. We find households in the lowest quintile of income received roughly $8.21 in federal, state and local government spending for every dollar of taxes paid in 2004, while households in the middle quintile received $1.30, and households in the top quintile received $0.41. Overall, tax payments exceeded government spending received for the top two quintiles of income, resulting in a net fiscal transfer of between $1.031 trillion and $1.527 trillion between quintiles. Both taxes and spending appear to have large distributional effects on households, and these effects have grown since 1991. The results suggest tax distributions alone are an inadequate measure of progressivity, and policymakers should examine both tax and spending distributions when judging the overall fairness of policy toward income groups."

The New York Times Admits It's the Truth

Relevant Passage:

"Though tax cuts for the rich were bigger than those for other groups, the wealthiest families paid a bigger share of total taxes. That is because their incomes have climbed far more rapidly, and the gap between rich and poor has widened in the last several years."


Sorry, no comments here. Let's keep them all at the previous post.

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Why is Hillary (and the rest of the Democrat field of candidates) so determined to lift the tax burden from the middle class?

They (Democrats) have already succeeded in lifting that particular burden off the poor. Lifting if from the middle class gives them the victory they seek.... only the "evil rich" will then pay taxes.

Let's work as a nation to lift the "Liberal" burden off ALL classes. Yes, let's.

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An Evening in Front of the Monitor Bank...


What!? Hillary and B. Hussein Obama tied for 1st place!!?

Maybe there's a little life in the ole girl after all! I guess it's not yet time to visit the glue factory.

I'd shout out a hearty "Frau Blücher!!!" but it has absolutely NO bearing on horses or glue factories.

...but this IS a horse race isn't it?

And "They Shoot Horses Don't They?"


CBS is still calling the Democrat race "tight" but the numbers say Obama's pulling away. Second place is better than third. Though I'm she she'd'a preferred a first place finish.

Here's a thought: If, as the pundits ask, 'Does Iowa really matter?' How about New Hampshire? How important IS New Hampshire in the greater scheme of things? I'm betting, 'Not Much.'


WHOA! Hillary has pulled ahead! 39% to B. Hussein Obama's 37!!!!

Side note... Golden Globes are CANCELLED! Casualty of the Writer's Strike. Oddly enough CBS is airing the "People's Choice Awards" this evening.... sans THE PEOPLE!!! NO Audience!!! More than one way to skin that writer cat!


The Peoples Choice Awards is too funny... it's like Bob Saget on America's Funniest Home Videos... only with Queen Latifah.

Hillary's still leading...


They've pretty much called it for Hillary. The margin's big enough to call it. Better luck next time B. Hussein Obama. Hillary? Crocodile tears proved to be the tipping point, Congratulations! What affectations will you employ next, I wonder?

Time and tide will tell...

Speaking of... Does anyone remember Basia? I'd love some new music


B. Hussein Obama concedes. Yawn.


Just got an email from the Huckabee campaign. They're crowing about taking third place. I guess that's better than 4th, 5th, 6th or dead last.

I've been giving Mike a lot of grief lately about not being a social Conservative (he's not) but one thing he does have going for him is his endorsement of the Fair Tax. For that reason alone I could vote for him-- I still have just under a month to decide who will get it. I'll probably make a final decision just before I fill in the blank on my optically read ballot.

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Clearing Out the Bins

There are a number of items in my head and heart that have remained undealt with these past few weeks, so that's where I'm going with this...

"One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever."
Ecclesiastes 1:4

An illustration, yes, but true nonetheless. The earth will never "end". The Temple in Jerusalem, Ezekiel's Temple, will be God's footstool...

"Exalt ye the LORD our God, and worship at his footstool; for he is holy."
Psalm 99:5

All the nations will one day worship at the Temple in Jerusalem. I look forward to that day... when Islam is no more, Buddhism is no more, rebellion is no more, sin is no more. That there are some who do not think in those terms or desire to see Jesus is a wonder to me.


"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."
Ecclesiastes 1:9

God's chastening hand WILL fall. It has in the past, it will again.

America has been blessed by God for centuries because we remembered God... we considered His will in our deliberations and the order of our communities. But no more.

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good."
Psalm 14:1
"And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually ...And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth."
Genesis 6:5,13
"But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."
Matthew 24:37-39
"The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God."
Psalm 9:17


America has been blessed, but America has forgotten God. Not all Americans, but America has forgotten God. America has ceased to consider HIS will in her deliberations and the order of her communities. The truth of God is openly mocked, and the Church has become so silly and sin-laden she has become "a byword" to the unbelieving majority.

The rot has even invaded the seminaries, which in turn have churned out corrupt gospels and corrupt leaders. Most seminaries today churn out WEAK leaders, who in turn churn out watered-down sermons devoid of any biblical truths able to draw sinners to the Savior. No one wants to drink the pure water of God's grace anymore. They want Coke, Coffee, Tea, Red Bull, Beer, Wine, Whiskey... but not water.

Nor do people want to hear sermons which speak of "Blood," "Sin," "Hell," or "Satan." Having "itchy ears" they've heaped to themselves teachers like Joel Osteen. And men who praise him for his watered down pep-rallys. Men like Pat Robertson's son, Gordon... on national television! It's bad enough that men push the idea that we can have our "best life now," but when they are accepted and praised for their message......

Sexual impurity is rampant. GLBT acceptance. NAMBLA. MTV and VH1 which promote sexual impurity. Entertainment gods and goddesses falling meteorically, day in, day out... Britney Spears... yet worshiped still.

"She's a human!"

Yes. She is. And not to be worshiped. Pitied, yes. But not loved and adored above God.


Then there's politics and the philosophies that drive it.

God's chastening hand will fall. As it has fallen before... 9/11, Katrina... and? What disasters lie ahead? Who would have believed me if I had said, two months prior to Katrina, that a major U.S. city would lie uninhabitable for months, driving hundreds of thousands of victims out from their homes to depend on the charity of strangers?

Everyone reading this would have either laughed, or called me crazy.


Consider this. In the Old Testament when God began to work His chastisements upon Israel, He gave them weak leaders. When the chastisement was sufficient to teach His people the error of their ways He raised up strong leaders.

Bush is by no means a strong leader. He showed strong leadership after 9/11, but he has weakly defended himself, his policy, and more importantly his faith... to INCLUDE Israel. Our faith says we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Our faith says that God will bless those who bless Israel. He will also curse those who curse her. And yet OUR leader insists that Israel must give up more land... including Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to the Palestinians.


Now we find ourselves in one of the most exciting elections in recent memory with a choice to make. What kind of man or woman do we want to elect to our highest public office?

Who will we vote for? A Liberal? Male or Female? Or a Republican who is not necessarily a Conservative?

The "end of the age" prophetic scenario Jesus and the Prophets have all pointed to is rapidly taking on an IDENTIFIABLE form... no longer is it defined by wisps of smoke or mere shadow. Events are coalescing into a recognizable shape much like how "Big Bang" theorists describe the formation of galaxies, stars, and planets... swirling dust and matter falling into newborn constructs ripe with potential.


There will be other "9/11's." Who do we want leading this nation? More importantly, what political and ideological philosophy do we want at the helm of our government? Will their decisions be a blessing upon "We the People"? Or a curse? If the latter, there is still hope for revival-- remember, it took the ABYSMAL presidency of Carter to ring in Reagan. But whatever happens, God is in control.

There is NO good "Liberal" choice here. In contrast, neither is there a viable "Conservative" choice... Viable. Huckabee is not a Conservative by any stretch of the imagination, but he would be a far cry from ANY of the current spate of Liberal candidates... all of whose minds, driven by a specific political and moral ideology, are cankered and diseased.... Black is White. Up is Down. Right is Wrong....

God's chastisement will fall on this nation, assuming it has not already begun. As everything is in His hands anyway, perhaps this election is where America gets a truly weak, and corrupt leader.

Think long and hard on who you wish to vote for. Yes, it's shaping up to be a very exciting campaign, but despite the horrors of 9/11 and Katrina, they too were exciting to watch from the relative safety of our own placid lives.


"Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal."
Matthew 6:20
"But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life."
Jude 1:20-21
"Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years."
Revelation 20:6

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Human Events "Man of the Year" 2007 is

Rush Limbaugh

Man of the Year: Rush Limbaugh
by Mark R. Levin
January 7, 2008

An Excerpt:

What is it about Rush that drives the left crazy (that is, crazier than they already are)? The answer is actually quite simple: Rush is the most important voice in the conservative movement. Others want to be, some claim to be, but he is. More than any conservative politician, columnist or pundit, Rush speaks for us. His opinions are principled and consistent. He has a brilliant mind and a voracious appetite for knowledge and truth, all of which he uses behind his golden EIB microphone to teach and persuade as he cuts through the daily media clutter. He has the guts to say what so many of us are thinking to ourselves. And Rush’s likable and optimistic personality and entertaining style attract increasing numbers of conservative adherents. Liberals consider Rush and his talk show the greatest threats to their agenda and pursuit of power, and they’re right.

Did'ja catch that?

Liberals consider Rush and his talk show the greatest threats to their agenda and pursuit of power, and they’re right.

Liberals! Gotta love 'em... the individual, not their philosophy; which is contemptible.

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Unless something changes... dramatically...

...Hillary's done. I'm not quite ready to say "Stick a fork in 'er...", but with New Hampshire moving its primary up to within a week of Iowa, there's just not enough time for the inertia of Obama's bounce to degrade sufficiently for Hillary to make much of an impact.

On the other side of the coin-- and I know I'll anger some for saying it --Huckabee doesn't have much hope of winning New Hampshire, but it looks like he's got South Caroline and Florida pretty much in the bag-- again, assuming nothing changes dramatically.

The problem with Huckabee is he's no Conservative. Republican, yes, but not a Conservative. Should he win the nomination he will, for the most part, get the Conservative vote, but there will be a percentage [and I have no idea how to gauge it at this point] who choose NOT to vote for Huckabee: choosing instead to either NOT vote, or vote Democrat.

The very fact that the Teacher's Union has endorsed Huckabee is troubling. Why? Can you say, "Liberal Organization"? The Teacher's Union does not endorse conservatives! From all I've heard Huckabee does not support School Choice OR Home-schooling. Ron Paul, by far looks like a better candidate. As does Thompson. But neither of these two have much of a chance at the nomination.

The two big names to watch are Huckabee and McCain. Romney is not going to win, and neither is Giuliani, despite his obvious leadership skills.

But Boy-Howdy! if this isn't one of the most exciting elections in two decades!

Hillary? Toast. Not yet done, but toast nonetheless. Obama? Talk about wildcards! But I don't see him winning either.

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Who Would Have Believed It Twenty Years Ago?

Last post I made passing reference to a Europe without borders. Imagine the prophetic implications of a unified Europe whose member nations have opened all their borders, whose citizens are free to travel between member states much as we might travel from one state to another...

Who will believe that America will also do the same someday soon?

What does this image portend for mankind?

The author of the following article has insight on the implications of a border-free Europe, but altogether misses the prophetic implications of a border-free Europe.

Couple that with Tony Blair's recent conversion to Catholicism [A virtual requirement for greater power within the EU] and the stage is set for some interesting happenings....

Today Eastern Europe Wakes to No Borders

December 21, 2007

Next on tap for Europe? A standing European military.

My prediction [and not particularly fair of me since I already know how it's going to pan out]? Europe will make the United Nations pointless, and in time supersede them in importance.

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How Good's Your Cotton?

Do my words give an impression of being personally discouraged?

Thanks everyone for your private communiques of encouragement, but the truth I meant to express was my sadness for the terribly sad state of affairs in America; and more specifically, in the Church.

There is gobs of heresy being taught and propagated in the Church today, and the pew-sitters have been lulled to either sleep or complacency. And they can't [seemingly] stomach anymore the "crusty" truths.

I love pizza-bones, but far too many folk just want toppings and sauce. To me there is a rich, earthy, soul-satisfying feel I get whenever I ruminate on those crusts, but the Church appears to only want servings of toppings and sauce... having 'itchy ears' [or palates]. Instead, they've flocked, in Mega-Church numbers, to heretics and charlatans.

And this saddens me.

But it also excites me. Why? Because this is a 'falling away' of sorts. Because Israel has been back in the land ALMOST sixty years... Europe is dropping its internal borders, effectively erasing individual/national lines... Russia is seeking greater power and influence...

Because Jesus is coming soon.

Very soon. And too many people claim to know Christ knowing NOTHING of Christ, and drawing with them countless, unsuspecting though well-meaning followers over the cliffs... Head knowledge, but not heart knowledge. They MUST be born again. But many churches today don't even bother to teach that... the blood has been banished from their catechisms.

A century ago when northern denominations began to spring up in the south, one cotton farmer was asked what he felt about all these different religions. He replied, "there's 5 or more different ways I could take to the cotton gin, but when I get there the man won't ask which road I took. He'll ask, 'how good's yer cotton?'"

Metaphorically speaking, much of the cotton in America is blighted. The only remedy, seemingly, is to burn the fields to prevent any further spread of disease. But that's not going to happen... God's more patient than I am.

And far more loving.

And I'm commanded to compel everyone to the marriage supper... not fire the fields.

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Sometimes it is best to be blunt...

What woeful ignorants ye "men of God"
Walking those paths His feet never trod
Trafficking the lies your own hearts evoke
Teaching for truth what His lips never spoke
Your doors are locked! Your windows shuttered!
Immune to rappings and white wings fluttered
Huddled with heresies, what righteous men you be!
Narrow visioned! Half blind! Unable to see
The broad, broad path before thee


I don't understand how Ms Green can be so.... gentle... so gracefully kind in responding to error. I don't have it in me. Most of the time it is good to both be patient, and exercise patience, but sometimes it is best to just be blunt. I'm good at that, if nothing else.

There is a little truism I've discovered since I started blogging three years ago. The Internet, for all its marvelous connective properties is not a particularly useful tool in regards to changing minds or hearts, let alone winning souls. That's not to say it doesn't happen! And I grant you, I've not tried as hard as I could have, but I have fought tooth and nail with heretics... which counts for little in the greater scheme of things. Crowns go to Soul Winners, not Warriors.

The internet allows anyone to be as bold as they dare, because it's unlikely the guy you insult will bloody your nose-- anonymity grants the milquetoast courage! No one is swayed because anyone can cut and paste, and no one has to be an expert at anything to be thought of as an expert by the denizens of Hyper-Cyberia.*

Because there is no real human interaction here, changing anyones mind about firmly held beliefs is difficult at best. And considering the spiraling downfall of morality not just in America but in the world at large, AND the rapid growth of sin and degradation, especially in Hyper Cyberia, it's a wonder ANYONE comes to know the LORD here. [As an aside, flipping through the channels last night Sunday afternoon what to my wandering eyes should appear? Young women doing "belly shots" off the bare midriffs of other young women proceeded by mouth to mouth exchanges of fruit. Yes, girls locking lips with girls. On VH1. Teaching the youth of America and the world that this is acceptable behavior for young men and women. This is how far our culture has fallen. "...every man did that which was right in his own eyes."]

But it is a wonder, a miracle if ever there was one-- that ANYONE finds God on the Internet. Especially since anyone can be an expert. Anyone a prophet. The saddest truth in this is that the genuine seeker is often led astray. But God still takes 'em where He can find 'em, so to speak. Come as you are, wherever you are-- He's not picky in that respect.

Despite the heretics, all too abundant in Hyper Cyberia, there is only one LORD, one way to COME, and on that basis alone, only one GENUINE faith. And that faith goes by only one name...

The Bride of Christ.

Not Catholic, not Pentecostal, not Unitarian, not Episcopalian. Just The Church-- The Bride of Christ.


* Hyper-Cyberia: I may have just coined a term... not that it'll ever see broad usage-- I'm not so vain. Google has 0, Zero, hits for "Hyper Cyberia" which denotes (to my mind) the vast superfast/ever-changing cyber-wasteland that is the modern Internet.

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Pears and Solace

Since new years eve 2000 I've written what I call 'New Years Poems.' Typically they've been about war and death-- the muslin opaque, but this year something else arose from the mish-mash of ideas clamoring for an good airing... something more personal.

Pears and Solace

She fed me pear in the light dimmed doorway
And the savor of each dripping succulent
Mirrored the light in her eye ~ just as clear, just as sweet
Every moment a tenderness
And every kiss that followed, a testament

Nineteen years and no answer still
No secure mooring, no harbor yet home
And what would I give for a simple yes?

Will she feed me solace in the months to come
As nourishing as any dripping succulent
Fed and followed by testamental kisses ~ clear and sweet?
And every moment tender
A promissory vow ringed in gold

Nineteen years and no answer still
What I would not give for a simple yes


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